Type of audio plug on 777-300 in WT

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Type of audio plug on 777-300 in WT

i couldnít find a good thread for this, so I hope a quick question is ok.

Iím in Tokyo and managed to break the two-prong audio adapter for my headset while on the flight with JAL down here, on my return Iím on BA8 in WT on Saturday, which looks to be a 777-300. Would I need an adapter for this flight or do the IFE use the normal 3.5mm plug?

And does anyone know why designers insist on putting the holes for audio on the inside of seats? I feel like thatís the worst place in terms of breaking either cables or plugs. Not the first time Iíve done it, and Bose cables are relatively expensive.
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Originally Posted by mckvakk View Post
i couldn’t find a good thread for this, so I hope a quick question is ok.
There's a thread on everything to do with the IFE below. 777-300's have the Thales system which supposedly has a regular 3.5mm jack.
Your Guide to BA's In-Flight Entertainment

But in my experience, go and buy an adaptor and keep it in your bag for travelling - they're only £3 for 2 and available with Prime delivery.



Edit: Sorry I'm thick and didn't read all of your post to see that you had one previously But I'll leave my comment for other people that pass by and might want to buy one!
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The two prong adapters are needed for those airlines that separate out Left and Right into different lines and different plugs. BA has never used that (excluding occasional wet leases), so it's a useful adapter to have for frequent travellers to have in their HBO, but in the case of BA it's not needed. So the usual 3.5mm phone connector is all you need for BA. There is a second socket (which isn't 3.5mm) in some cabins, but that's used for the Active Noise Control channel, in other words for the noise-cancelling headphones and though there is sometimes electrical leakage from that channel into the audio signal, you can ignore that socket and work with the 3.5mm connector alone. That includes WT on BA's 777-300 aircraft.

I have - very occasionally - seen a snapped off connector in the socket, and on one occasion - out of boredom - I managed to extract the connector stump using the toothpick and olive oil off the CW meal tray. [Trivia of the day: the reason we've all ended up using 3.5mm jacks is thanks to the sheer popularity of Sony's Walkman products. Sony standardised on it, and now the 3.5mm is the Walkman's enduring legacy, culminating in YouTube videos of how to DIY retro-engineer 3.5mm jacks into Apple products].
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