PHX mini DO Aug 2018

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[left]PHX DO - Saturday 25 August 2018
For other PHX TP runs see bottom of wiki

A mid-point meet up at Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Airport for those travelling far and wide on the OTP/PHX tier point collection run. All welcome!

The name badges have been created - Thank you Megaloman.
You'll find these somewhere at the HGI in PHX!

There is an active WhatsApp group for OTP/PHX travellers. Ask for more details.

A bunch of us are meeting on Thursday 16 August at All Bar One (Cannon St. London) for a semi-impromptu drink: Get to meet some other Runners, share last minute tips, enjoy the sun etc. All FTers welcome

Fitch has very kindly offered to do a booze run to enjoy drinks/snacks around the pool, given the hotel bar shuts early. Please PM him for a link to place your order before Thurs 23 August.


Attending (46)
aks120, atcer28, awoxp, bisonrav, brainless69, CCayley, charlie26, Cheny, Deanog1976, deboyzoned, Diver Boy, Duncs, dylanks, EGLK FLYER, EMB195, GadgetGal, gcuk, Fitch, HPN-HRL, IFE Wizard, Jaenks, j_alan, KARFA, Ldnn1, madfish, MarkedMan, mats, megaloman, MRP Alert, nufnuf77, onobond, our_kid, Pilot37, Scallywag72, ScienceTeacher, steven62343, Swissbobby, taylorj6, teledude, TonyHancock, TPRun, TravellerFrequently +1, travellingscotsman, wbeest, where2travel, woglet86

Tentative (3)
Geordie405, Gig103, Over the Horizon


Thursday 16 August 2018
0810 BA543 BLQ/LHR MarkedMan
1140 BA886 LHR/OTP MarkedMan
1900 BA884 LHR/OTP Scallywag72

Friday 17 August 2018
0830 BA885 OTP/LHR MarkedMan, Scallywag72
1140 BA886 LHR/OTP woglet86+1
1310 BA177 LHR/JFK Scallywag72
1755 BA887 OTP/LHR BA Humbug, H2L, woglet86+1

1800 AA302 JFK/LAX Scallywag72
1805 BA179 LHR/JFK MarkedMan

Saturday 18 August 2018
0935 AA6140 LHR/JFK H2L
1125 BA794 LHR/HEL BA Humbug
1200 AA3 JFK/LAX MarkedMan
1430 AA341 JFK/LAX H2L
1633 AA899 LAX/PHX MarkedMan, Scallywag72
1700 AA1671 LAX/PHX H2L
1710 BA799 HEL/LHR BA Humbug
1950 BA183/AA6146 LHR/JFK BA Humbug

Sunday 19 August 2018
0650 AA885 JFK/PHX BA Humbug
0720 AA445 PHX/LAX H2L, Scallywag72
0958 AA629 PHX/PHL BA Humbug
1030 AA238 LAX/JFK Scallywag72
1130 AA4 LAX/JFK H2L
1920 AA736 PHX/PHL BA Humbug
2130 BA114 JFK/LHR Scallywag72
2225 AA104 JFK/LHR H2L

Monday 20 August 2018
1020 AA9000/AY1332 LHR/HEL BA Humbug
1140 BA886 LHR/OTP Scallywag72
1900 BA884 LHR/OTP H2L

Tuesday 21 August 2018
0750 BA795 HEL/LHR BA Humbug
0835 BA885 OTP/LHR Scallywag72
1140 BA886 LHR/OTP Wbeest, BA Humbug, CCayley
1900 BA884 LHR/OTP n4ynx, steven62343

Wednesday 22 August 2018
0830 BA885 OTP/LHR CCayley, n4ynx, steven62343, Wbeest
1140 BA886 LHR/OTP ajm1972, aks120, Cheny, EGLK FLYER, IFE Wizard, onobond
1145 BA662 LHR/LCA Beaulieu
1310 BA0177 LHR/JFK Wbeest
1430 AA105 LHR/JFK steven62343
1840 BA0798 LHR/HEL n4ynx
1900 BA884 LHR/OTP EMB195, Markie, our_kid
1915 BA2481 JFK/LAX Wbeest
1935 BA663 LCA/LHR Beaulieu
2115 AA185 JFK/LAX steven62343

Thursday 23 August 2018
0600 AA2083 LAX/PHX steven62343
0700 BA1385 MAN/LHR madfish
0800 AY1331 HEL/LHR n4ynx
0830 AA6358/BA885 OTP/LHR ajm1972, Cheny, EGLK FLYER, EMB195, IFE Wizard, Jaenks, Markie, our_kid
1000 AA0445 LAX/PHX Wbeest
1015 AA0101 LHR/JFK n4ynx
1140 BA886 LHR/OTP Airlineanorak+1, deboyzoned, madfish
1310 BA177/AA6142 LHR/JFK EMB195, IFE Wizard, Jaenks
1510 BA731 GVA/LHR Swissbobby
1515 BA1489 GLA/LHR travellingscotsman
1610 BA1336 LHR/HEL Markie
1610 BA269 LHR/LAX ajm1972
1640 AA1457 JFK/PHX n4ynx
1700 AA107 LHR/JFK Beaulieu
1755 BA887 OTP/LHR GadgetGal, onobond
1840 BA798 LHR/HEL Cheny, our_kid
1900 BA884 LHR/OTP awoxp, bisonrav (1C), Brainless69, Duncs, Fitch, j_alan, megaloman, Pilot37, Swissbobby, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun, travellingscotsman
2005 BA786 LHR/ARN Diver Boy
2115 AA185 JFK/LAX Jaenks

Friday 24 August 2018
0600 AA2083 LAX/PHX Jaenks
0700 AA9 JFK/SFO EMB195
0750 BA771 ARN/LHR Diver Boy
0800 AY1331 HEL/LHR Cheny, Markie, our_kid
0830 BA885 OTP/LHR. The Party Plane!! If you are positioning the night before please PM me (teledude) if you don't have GOLD/GGL for guesting aks120, Airlineanorak+1, awoxp, bisonrav (4C), brainless69, deboyzoned, Duncs, Fitch, j_alan, Ldnn1, madfish, megaloman, Pilot37, ScienceTeacher, Swissbobby, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun, travellingscotsman
1000 AA255 JFK/LAX Beaulieu
1015 AA101 LHR-JFK Markie
1020 KL1542 LBA/AMS Scallywag72
1120 BA173/AA6214 LHR/JFK awoxp, Cheny, Fitch, GadgetGal, our_kid, travellingscotsman
1140 BA886 LHR/OTP Deanog1976, gcuk, KARFA, TravellerFrequently +1, woglet86 +1
1200 AA003 JFK/LAX IFE Wizard
1225 AA530 SFO/PHX EMB195
1240 BA67 LHR/PHL Diver Boy
1240 AA888 LAX/PHX ajm1972
1310 BA177/AA6142 LHR/JFK Airlineanorak+1, bisonrav (1A), deboyzoned, Pilot37, Swissbobby
1335 KL1375 AMS/OTP Scallywag72
1420 AA205 LAX/OGG Beaulieu
1425 BA115 LHR/JFK aks120, madfish, onobond
1610 AY1336/BA6080 LHR/HEL Duncs, j_alan, ScienceTeacher, taylorj6
1640 AA0899 LAX/PHX IFE Wizard
1640 AA1587 JFK/PHX Markie, our_kid
1700 AA133 JFK/LAX awoxp
1710 AA1037 SFO/PHX TonyHancock
1740 BA95 LHR/YUL Ldnn1
1755 BA887 OTP/LHR Deanog1976, gcuk, KARFA, TravellerFrequently +1, woglet86 +1
1805 AA35 JFK/LAX Pilot37
1815 AA4515 PHL/DCA Diver Boy
1840 BA798 LHR/HEL brainless69, megaloman, teledude, TPRun
2015 AA293 JFK/LAX onobond
2115 AA185 JFK/LAX deboyzoned, Fitch, madfish
2115 AA3258 LAX/PHX awoxp

Saturday 25 August 2018
0530 AA1865 DCA/CLT Diver Boy
0605 AA2083 LAX/PHX deboyzoned, Fitch
0650 AA1487 JFK/PHX Cheny
0650 BA832 LHR/DUB gcuk
0650 AA646 PHX/PHL IFE Wizard
0700 AA0033 JFK/LAX GadgetGal
0750 AA1674 CLT/LAX Diver Boy
0745 BA804 LHR/BLL charlie26, nufnuf77
0745 BA795 HEL/LHR brainless69
0800 AY1331/BA6031 HEL/LHR Duncs, j_alan, megaloman, ScienceTeacher, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun
0800 AA1 JFK/LAX Airlineanorak+1, Swissbobby
0825 AA6358/BA885 OTP/LHR englisha, Scallywag72, where2travel
0935 BA175 LHR/JFK KARFA, TravellerFrequently +1
0955 AA445 LAX/PHX onobond
1000 AA255 JFK/LAX aks120
1015 AA101/BA1516 LHR/JFK Deanog1976, j_alan, megaloman, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun, woglet86
1120 BA173 LHR/JFK Scallywag72, ScienceTeacher
1120 AA723 DUB/PHL gcuk
1200 AA003 JFK/LAX bisonrav (2K)
1240 AA888 LAX/PHX Airlineanorak+1, Diver Boy, GadgetGal, madfish, Pilot37, Swissbobby
1241 AA4389 YUL/PHL Ldnn1
1240 BA67 LHR/PHL brainless69, Duncs
1200 AA003 JFK/LAX travellingscotsman
1310 BA177/AA6142 LHR/JFK englisha
1430 AA341 JFK/LAX KARFA, TravellerFrequently +1, woglet86
1430 AA105LHR/JFK where2travel
1445 BA289 LHR/PHX charlie26, nufnuf77
1530 AA117 JFK/LAX Deanog1976, megaloman, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun
1535 AA726 PHL/LAX gcuk
1540 AA655 PHL/PHX IFE Wizard, Ldnn1
1633 AA899 LAX/PHX aks120, bisonrav (1D), travellingscotsman
1640 AA1587 JFK/PHX j_alan, ScienceTeacher
1659 AA2291 JFK/CLT Scallywag72
1720 AA414 PHL/PHX brainless69, Duncs
1933 AA650 LAX/PHX Deanog1976, gcuk, KARFA, megaloman, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun TravellerFrequently +1, woglet86
1955 AA495 CLT/PHX Scallywag72
2015 AA300 JFK/LAX where2travel

Sunday 26 August 2018
0600 AA3196 PHX/LAX aks120, brainless69, our_kid, Pilot37, steven62343, Swissbobby, taylorj6
0630 AA567 PHX/CLT Diver Boy
0650 AA646 PHX/PHL gcuk
0720 AA445 PHX/LAX Deanog1976, madfish, MarkedMan, megaloman, Scallywag72, teledude, TPRun, woglet86
0900 AA2 LAX/JFK aks120, our_kid, Swissbobby, taylorj6
0920 AA2339 PHX/JFK Duncs, GadgetGal, j_alan, KARFA, Markie, TravellerFrequently +1
0930 AA2192 LAX/MIA Pilot37
0940 AA1569 PHX/BOS awoxp
1000 AA760 PHX/LAX charlie26, nufnuf77, onobond
1000 AA172 LAX/JFK our_kid
1030 AA238 LAX/JFK brainless69, Deanog1976, MarkedMan, megaloman, Scallywag72, steven62343, teledude, TPRun, woglet86
1105 AA1702 LAX/PHX where2travel
1130 AA272 JFK/LAX englisha
1231 AA2320 PHX/BOS Cheny
1345 AA2103 PHX/LAX EMB195
1350 AA2197 PHX/SEA Ldnn1
1400 AA0899 PHX/LAX IFE Wizard
1430 AA32 LAX/JFK madfish
1445 AA443 CLT/DCA Diver Boy
1515 AA022 LAX/JFK onobond
1540 AA828 PHL/ORD gcuk
1620 AA2103 LAX/PHX englisha
1630 AA184 LAX/JFK EMB195, IFE Wizard
1705 AA6073 LAX/SJC charlie26, nufnuf77
1710 AA6131 PHX/LHR bisonrav (1A)
1715 AA636 PHX/SFO TonyHancock
1825 AA100 JFK/LHR Duncs, Markie
1845 AA208 ORD/DUB gcuk
1925 BA212 BOS/LHR awoxp
1945 AA38 MIA/LHR Pilot37
2000 AA106/BA1517 JFK/LHR aks120, Deang1976, megaloman, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun
2000 AA6137 JFK/LHR GadgetGal
2005 BA278 SJC/LHR charlie26, nufnuf77
2010 BA116 JFK/LHR GadgetGal, j_alan, KARFA, Swissbobby, TravellerFrequently +1
2050 IB6252 JFK/MAD our_kid
2130 BA114 JFK/LHR brainless69, MarkedMan, Scallywag72, woglet86
2220 BA292 IAD/LHR Diver Boy
2225 AA104 JFK/LHR steven62343
2250 AA6165 BOS/LHR Cheny

Monday 27 August 2018
0600 AA3196 PHX/LAX EGLK FLYER, travellingscotsman
0730 AY1340 LHR/HEL Duncs
0720 AA445 PHX/LAX ajm1972
0755 BA178 JFK/LHR EMB195, Majunga
0800 AY1331 LHR/JFK j_alan
0900 AA02 LAX/JFK travellingscotsman
1020 AY1332/BA6032 LHR/HEL awoxp, Deanog1976, Markie, megaloman, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun
1030 AA238 LAX/JFK ajm1972, EGLK FLYER
1045 BA827 DUB/LHR gcuk
1140 BA886/AA6649 LHR/OTP aks120, brainless69, Cheny, GadgetGal, KARFA, MarkedMan, Pilot37, Scallywag72, Swissbobby, TravellerFrequently +1, woglet86
1210 BA459 MAD/LHR our_kid
1320 BA780 LHR/ARN Diver Boy
1400 AY1335 HEL/LHR Duncs
1400 AA899 PHX/LAX Jaenks
1420 AA205 OGG/LAX Beaulieu
1600 AY1337/BA6033 HEL/LHR j_alan, Markie, megaloman, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun
1605 BA806 LHR/BLL charlie26, nufnuf77
1710 BA6566 PHX/SAN Wbeest
1710 BA799 HEL/LHR awoxp
1755 BA887 OTP/LHR aks120, Brainless69, KARFA, MarkedMan, Pilot37, Scallywag72, TravellerFrequently +1, woglet86
1830 BA112 JFK/LHR madfish
1900 BA174/AA6139 JFK/LHR onobond, IFE Wizard
1900 BA884 LHR/OTP bisonrav (1F), Duncs, Markie, megaloman, steven62343, taylorj6, teledude, TPRun
2030 BA1404 LHR/MAN Scallywag72
2100 BA172 JFK/LHR travellingscotsman
2135 BA268 LAX/LHR Jaenks
2150 AA1280 PHX/JFK ScienceTeacher
2229 BA1751 SAN/JFK Wbeest

Tuesday 28 August 2018
0700 BA1385 MAN/LHR Telecasterman+1
0800 AA307 LAX/JFK Beaulieu
0848 AA2773 PHX/JFK n4ynx
1035 BA834 LHR/DUB travellingscotsman
0835 BA885 OTP/LHR bisonrav (12C), Cheny, Duncs, Markie, Swissbobby, teledude, TPRun
0920 BA1340 LHR/LBA Scallywag72
1150 AA6649/BA886 LHR/OTP awoxp, CCayley, EGLK FLYER, EMB195, gcuk, IFE Wizard, madfish, majunga, onobond, our_kid, Telecasterman+1
1400 BA731 LHR/GVA Swissbobby

1800 BA887 OTP/LHR awoxp, EMB195, gcuk, IFE Wizard, madfish, megaloman, onobond, our_kid, taylorj6
1810 BA116 JFK/LHR ajm1972
1900 BA884 LHR/OTP Jaenks
2000 AA0106 JFK/LHR n4ynx
2010 BA116 JFK/LHR Beaulieu
2130 AA6135/BA0114 JFK/LHR ScienceTeacher, Wbeest

Wednesday 29 August 2018
0755 BA1370 LHR/MAN madfish
0830 AA6358/BA885 OTP/LHR EGLK FLYER, Telecasterman+1
1020 AY1332 LHR/HEL n4ynx
1120 AA6214 LHR/JFK Telecasterman+1
1125 BA794 LHR/HEL ScienceTeacher
1140 BA086 LHR/OTP ajm1972, Wbeest
1345 AA2103 PHX/LAX englisha
1600 AY1337 HEL/LHR n4ynx
1630 AA0184 LAX/JFK englisha
1700 AA133 JFK/LAX Telecasterman+1

1800 BA887 OTP/LHR Wbeest, CCayley
1900 BA0884 LHR/OTP n4ynx
2115 AA3258 LAX/PHX Telecasterman+1

Thursday 30 August 2018
0805 BA890 LHR/SOF Beaulieu
0830 BA0885 OTP/LHR n4ynx
0835 AA1792 PHX/LAX Airlineanorak+1
0850 AA2339 PHX/JFK where2travel
1130 AA4 LAX/JFK Airlineanoark+1
1420 BA891 SOF/LHR Beaulieu
1755 BA887 OTP/LHR ajm1972
2010 AA6137 JFK/LHR where2travel
2105 AA6212 JFK/LHR englisha

Friday 31 August 2018
0755 BA178 JFK/LHR Airlineanorak+1
0835 AA1702 PHX/LAX deboyzoned
1000 AA760 PHX/LAX Fitch
1020 AA9000 LHR/HEL where2travel
1140 BA886 LHR/OTP englisha
1130 AA4 LAX/JFK deboyzoned
1230 AA274 LAX/JFK Fitch
1600 AY1337 HEL/LHR ScienceTeacher, where2travel
1900 BA884 LHR/OTP ScienceTeacher, where2travel
2225 AA104 JFK/LHR deboyzoned, Fitch

Saturday 1 September 2018
1315 AA6649 LHR/OTP Airlineanorak+1, deboyzoned, Fitch

Sunday 2 September 2018
1800 BA887 OTP/LHR Airlineanorak+1
1845 BA66 PHL/LHR Ldnn1


Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest - aks120 (22-24 Aug), onobond (22 Aug), Wbeest(21 Aug), BA Humbug (21 - 25 Aug), deboyzoned (23 Aug)
DoubleTree Unirii Square Bucharest - cheny (22 & 27 Aug), madfish (23 Aug), megaloman (23 & 27 Aug), TPRun (23 Aug & 27 Aug), Scallywag72 (24 Aug), Swissbobby (27 Aug)
Hotel RIN, Bucharest Airport - IFE Wizard (22 Aug), awoxp (23 Aug), bisonrav (23 Aug & 27 Aug), Brainless69 (23 Aug), Fitch (23 Aug), taylorj6 (23 Aug), travellingscotsman (23 Aug)
Vienna House Easy Airport Bucharest - Pilot37 (23rd Aug), Swissbobby (23rd Aug)

Hilton Helsinki Airport - Cheny (23 Aug) megaloman (24 Aug), TPRun (24 Aug), taylorj6 (24 Aug)
Scandic Helsinki - Brainless69 (24 Aug)

Los Angeles
Four Points by Sheraton LAX Airport - onobond (24 Aug)

New York
Hilton JFK Airport - Swissbobby (24 Aug), Wbeest(22 Aug), onobond (26 Aug)
Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtownt - travellingscotsman (24 Aug)

Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Airport (NOT 'North') (25-26 Aug) aks120, awoxp, bisonrav, Brainless69, charlie26, cheny, deboyzoned, Diver Boy, EGLK FLYER, Fitch, Gshumway, HPN-HRL, IFE Wizard, KARFA, Ldnn1, madfish, mats, megaloman, nufnuf77, onobond, Over the Horizon, Pilot37, Scallywag72, Swissbobby, taylorj6, teledude, TonyHancock, TPRun, TravellerFrequently +1, travellingscotman, woglet86

The Andaz Scottsdale - steven62343 (23 Aug)
Mountain Shadows Resort - Wbeest (23-27 Aug)

Local Host
Note that dylanks is our PHX-based GGL member, and is happy to provide information about PHX, and meetup on dates other than the official Do (assuming he's not flying somewhere else). Feel free to send him a direct message to meetup.
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And yet another impromptu PHX related do. This time at the CCR in T5. With @msm2000uk, @berksflyer and an associate. Our outbound to OTP will be delayed an hour or so now but no hardship...

Another bunch of likely lads...
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Originally Posted by KARFA View Post
do you get any sense that you could just head directly to the transfer security channel? I don't get the point of going upstairs for you just to be sent straight back down unless they are giving you some voucher you need to gain access to transfer security.
I did the B2B yesterday. Having visited OTP a few times previously and read other accounts, I stillwasn't sure what to expect. If your flight gets a gate (as opposed to a bus) then it's simple - follow the usual exit/transit signs upstairs to passport control and tell them you are transiting, they'll check your passport and then instead of passing through passport control head right and around the corner (signposted transit/transfer). You don't go back down the same stairs/escalator your came up. Before heading back down to the terminal you will go through a transit security/x-ray point. I had this all to myself yesterday and I can only assume they were bored as I got the buzzer from the metal detector; full pat down, everything out of my bag and back through the machine, explosive swabs. Still only took 5 minutes and everyone was friendly with good English.If you have a bus gate the process may be different- not sure if you go through the same passport control for example - but everything seems well sign posted and if you're not sure, ask at the passport check.
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Originally Posted by Fitch View Post
Yikes ! Flying at 06:00 the morning after a Do ? You can probably save the cost of a hotel room that night then
Originally Posted by onobond View Post
It's all in the Wiki now. If you post your positioning flights and hotel in PHX someone will add that too.
See you in PHX
Yeh! Go big or go home they say

I'll be doing the 7pm flight to OTP on 21 Aug, staying at the Best Western Plus Briton Hotel.

Re hotel in PHX, I will be staying at thew Andaz Scottsdale (23-25 Aug). Might as well turn this to a nice little holiday!

Appreciate if someone can add them for me please?

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Originally Posted by steven62343 View Post
Yeh! Go big or go home they say

I'll be doing the 7pm flight to OTP on 21 Aug, staying at the Best Western Plus Briton Hotel.

Re hotel in PHX, I will be staying at thew Andaz Scottsdale (23-25 Aug). Might as well turn this to a nice little holiday!

Appreciate if someone can add them for me please?

Hi @steven62343, Added positioning flight and Hotel to Wiki.

Please note that the Do is being Held at Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix (quite a few staying here)
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Thought it worth sharing this post here, in case anybody doesn’t check out the TP run thread.
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Originally Posted by Scallywag72 View Post
Hello All,

Having just returned from my second OTP-PHX run and with two more to go in August, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a WhatsApp group for us subscribing to the 'the journey to Phoenix is the destination' philosophy.

And here it is, entitled 'Flyertalk PHX Mob':

Have a good week All...
WhatsApp group will be useful around the DO dates, till then and after the DO I think it's better to keep the conversation in here.
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Several of us have just completed a B2B at OTP and are now back on the plane waiting to depart for Heathrow. Having arrived at a pier gate we were first off the plane and up to an empty security hall before being sent downstairs to transit security. We were back at the gate before the inbound plane had fully unloaded.

There were eight or nine people on the LHR-OTP who has been to Phoenix but several are staying in Bucharest overnight rather than B2Bing.
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So, an update on the b2b situation at OTP.

While you can try and avoid passport control on the b2b, the team in the small booth at the top of the escalator will chase you down if you.

Now, if:

- You shield yourself from the person at the x-ray machines
- You go up the escalator and find a huge queue
- You shield yourself from those in the small booth
- You might be able to go back down without bothering with passport control. However, it didn't work today.

Fortunately no problems, and no queues for the 4 of us obvious FTers doing the b2b - and likewise for the 1 chap who was doing a b2b but didn't want to identify as part of the crazy gang! Who are you Mr Stripey-Shirt?

Our flight to OTP had 6 FTers and 3 others who were flying the specific PHX fare - so quite an amusing turnout! For the record, I should say that one person ditched the LHR-OTP leg, and instead flew back to his native Ireland.

All in all, a thoroughly entertaining few days flying around with scallywag72, and all the other FTers we have encountered!

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Does anyone know if this fare is still available in Aug? I had a quick look on AA. com to no avail.
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Yes it’s still available in J. If you provide dates somebody can look for you, although may be best to look on the TP run thread.

Although looking on AA will make it very difficult to find. Better starting with matrix.
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AA have changed my outbound journey to go JFK-ORD-PHX ... what a pain.

I've been looking at options but can’t see any lie-flat options. I’m restricted by the revenue positioning flights to and from OTP. The best I can think of is to go JFK to PHX direct. I’ve done that flight last year and it wasn’t great. Any other suggestions? Original routing below. Note the inbound hasn’t changed, just the outbound.

06/07 - BA884 LHR-OTP
07/07 - BA885 OTP/LHR
07/07 - BA173 LHR-JFK
07/07 - AA133 JFK-LAX
07/07 - AA3161 LAX-PHX
08/07 - AA3160 PHX-LAX
08/07 - AA002 LAX-JFK
08/07 - BA116 JFK-LHR
09/07 - BA886 LHR-OTP
09/07 - BA887 OTP-LHR
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Thanks. Flexible in Aug to correspond with the ‘do’. Routing also flexible. I need to be back in the uk by 30/8. Matrix is something I need to get to grips with now I’ve retired!
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Can you look at SFO? @oxtailsoup
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Originally Posted by EGLK FLYER View Post
Thanks. Flexible in Aug to correspond with the do. Routing also flexible. I need to be back in the uk by 30/8. Matrix is something I need to get to grips with now Ive retired!
Optimum routing is OTP/LHR/HEL/LHR/JFK/PHX return for 1040TPs. If you decide not to go to/from HEL you can opt for OTP/LHR/JFK/LAX/PHX for 800TPs. Each route has their benefits, eg plane types, timing, lounges, terminal changes etc

You may want to consider the party plane as an option. Not aware of any restrictions on availability sobshpuld be good for most options at the moment.
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Originally Posted by madfish View Post
Can you look at SFO? @oxtailsoup

Cant seem to get from SFO to PHX on the Sat night. I.e. the 5pm JFK to SFO gets in at 9pm... and no flight to PHX that late?
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