Do you enjoy the Elemis chair?

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Do you enjoy the Elemis chair?

My back was given a right going over at the JFK Spa yesterday. For the first time in ages I accepted a back treatment in the "electric" chair. I'll admit I didn't find the treatment wholly enjoyable or relaxing at the time. I think I might also have bruised my spine albeit very lightly but the old spine is in some pain today.

Are you like me, a delicate petal or is the Andy McNab "give me everything you've got" a closer description of your character? So my question is, do you enjoy the Elemis chair?
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In a word, no.
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Yes I enjoy it, usually got for the harder of the 2 options (if you're presented with options - if not just ask)
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They are not very comfortable, and the head and sholder massage they give is like being stroked by a feather.

I always found the Molten Brown back massage at T4 worthwhile, but believe the Elemis Spa is just a way to kill some time as the Missus always insists on getting to LHR far too early
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I actually own one... Yes, I have been a fool. Bought it in the US on a whim. I hardly ever use it because it simply is not very good for you (if you use them too much). The 'bruising' is not uncommon. Once the novelty factor wears of you are left with a 2000 pound monstrosity.
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When it comes to massage chairs I have low expectations, so by those standards the Elemis chairs are OK.

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That chair is the work of the devil

It feels to me like sitting on a washing machine at full spin cycle while being punched in the back and kidneys.
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Horrible things. They also don't extend enough for me to fit in one so my legs end up bent. I'm tall, but not that tall, so you would think they would be OK for people of my height 6'3"
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Can't see that they add any value! Would support any move to "get rid"!
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Too painful for me to enjoy a facial in - I always ask that we do not have the chair massage switched on. I too got bruises on my back the first time I was in it, never again.
I would have thought with all this H and S conscious thinking around these chairs might be something Elemis might want to remove
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A little too vigerous for me as well, although compared to the man doing my neck it was quite gentle and relaxing!
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Massage chair comparison

Like BA praising the Elemis chair is done about as much as critiquing it here. Some people praise the Elemis chair service but I really doubt if they actually have much comparison. So, for this thread I would like to also know what you base your comparisons on. Let's focus.....

About you:
Which brands of chairs have you tried more than 5 times in the last 3 years?
Do you use them for therapeutic reasons or for pleasure?
What is the most important part of the chair experience for you?
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Awful awful. I particularly disliked the foot torture feature - yelped in agony when it got to that bit. Never again.

I can understand why it's on offer as they need some kind of '2nd prize' alternative if normal theparies are fully booked, but surely they could offer something else as consolation (a bacon sandwich, perhaps ).
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Terrible. I hate it with a passion.
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Originally Posted by London_traveller View Post
Awful awful. I particularly disliked the foot torture feature - yelped in agony when it got to that bit. Never again.
The foot part is no longer featured, presumably because of all the complaints.

The staffing levels in the spa are terrible. If BA are going to advertise a spa as a benefit of CW and F (as well as for Golds on LH), they really need to get enough people in to offer treatments, rather than fobbing everyone off with no appointments or just the chair.
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