BA104/105 LHR DXB New Club World?

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BA104/105 LHR DXB New Club World?

Have tried the sticky to figure out if BA104/105 DXB has new CW or indeed flat seats but cannot find any reliable answer.

Anyone who knows?

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When? I can tell you when it's a 767 it definitely isn't. When it's a 777, see the sticky on the front page.
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BA104/105 is a 777 and should have new CW seats but probably old video system.
I have not actually used this flight but BA108 was like this recently.
However, I'd go for BA106/107 which is a lush 747 with new CW and all the trimmings....
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I haven't seen an old CW 777 on the DXB routes for a while, but know the 767 operates some flights during the winter timetable. if you got the 767, this would mean the old CW cabin but you would get the newer AVOD inflight entertainment (avoiding the older looped entertainment that appears on quite a few of the 777s they use to DXB).
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To the OP: whichever, you'll always get a fully flat horizontal bed. The only issue is whether it's "New Club World" (the first generation flat bed) or "New Generation Club World" (the latest generation one, wider, 10-inch TV screen, more private, but flimsier construction).
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Posts: 455 used to have a bug, whereby it tried to tell you this flight did not feature flat beds/CW. I haven't seen it for a while but maybe it still exists. If the OP saw this - don't worry about it.

The 767 is quite nice actually and you have the unique opportunity to face forward in a CW window seat, although it's a bit of a squeeze getting in and out.

Also watch out for the o/h lockers which Mr Boeing built with a strange angle to them. My shoe fell out onto what I am 99% sure was Nick Leeson.
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I was on the 105 in June and it was a NGCW flight. If your flight has an F cabin then it has NGCW. I was shown the bug and as it was a last-minute obligatory trip I booked it anyways. It also said that WT doesn't have PTVs.
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