Visa question

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Visa question

There may not be a definite answer for my question, but Iím willing to take a best guess or Ny other suggestion. Thereís a backstory so please bear with me. In 2012 I went to visit a friend in Brazil and overstayed my 3-month visa by about 50ídays. Bad on me, but the situation was tense all over Brazil and we tried to get to the airport to extend a couple times and no one was there to help. Eventually someone was there the next time we tried to extend the visa, but it was too late. I was already overstayed by a week and could not get an extension. Now itís seven years later and I have a brand new passport. Now I understand the Brazilian customs has my passport number in their computers, but I donít have that mark that says I overstayed. When I was leaving they never seemed to care saying I would just need to pay a fine next time I arrived. At the time, the fine was about 8 R. Thats $2.50 or so today. So I figure I would pay $125 to return. But in 2017 the fine increased to 100 R. Thatís a hefty $1,650. So the question is, what would my fine be to return or would the authorities even know since I have a new passport? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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