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Holiday homes or Hotels in Brazil

Hi, I'm wondering are self catering homes in Brazil a good alternative to hotels. I have a two week break from work in the beginning of December and my plans are to spend it in Rio.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi J.Perrot,
I can tell you that I personally rented an apartment with some friends last November in Brazil and it has been a great experience. I found a good accomodation through holidayrentalweb.com
We were in Bahia; the apartment was really spacious and it was situated... in front of the ocean: the view was stunning! We had just to cross the street to be on the beach.
We stayed 3 weeks. And we are thinking to go back also this year or in the beginning of 2012.
Enjoy your holiday!

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I've been in Brazil too...but in a hotel. I spent only 10 days there, but I enjoyed my vacation.
It sounds really interesting the experience of renting an apartment... Maybe i can also consider this option for my next trip... (hoping to be able to go in holiday soon!!!)
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Thanks, Joe. Glad you had a nice vacation. Hope mine will be a good one too.
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Thanks Marti for your reply.
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A good site for all of Brasil is http://www.aluguetemporada.com.br/ if you don't mind navigating a site in Portuguese. It has an English link http://www.homeaway.com/ but I haven't looked at that version so can't say if the content is exactly the same.
I've used the site 5 or 6 times for accommodation in Rio and once in Salvador.

My view is that for stays of less than 2 weeks for 1-2 people the hassle factor comes down on the side of staying in a hotel (although elite upgrades and Club access at the Sheraton and soon to be no longer Intecontinental Rio influence my judgement there)
For a stay of more than 2 weeks or if looking for more than one bedroom then flatstays really come into their own.
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I would say, go the apartment route.

I've been going to Brasil for 10 years now and only spent two nights in a Rio hotel (that I'd booked ) and one of those was at the JW Marriott courtesy of AA when I got a VDB.

Two reasons
1) Cost : US$80-140 should get you a decent to very nice apartment that's as good as a room at the Marriott at 2-3 times the price. IMO the hotels in Rio offer poor value for the $$$ charged.
2) If you get lucky with a member of the fairer sex you may not be able to bring her back to your room. The Marriott's fine but some hotels assume that if a gringo is with a Brazilian woman she must be a prostitute and security may stop you as they want to maintain their family reputation. You entering the elevator with a Brazilian woman could prove unduly shocking to families who've just walked past the transexual streetwalkers on Avenida Atlantica.

I'm lucky enough to rent from a friend of mine who gives a good rate and doesn't need a deposit. However it could be a bit daunting if it's your first time. What I would suggest is book a hotel for 2-3 nights to get a feel for the city and decide where you want to stay. When you arrive go to one of the apartment brokers with English speaking staff. They will tell what's available with photos and prices and often show you the apartment so you're not committing in advance to anything that you're not comfortable with. Most apts. have a 5-7 day min. stay so even with 11-12 days of your vacation to go you'd be fine.
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