The End Is Nigh

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The End Is Nigh

Dear all,

As you may be aware my time at bmi is coming to an end on Wed 11th July, after nearly 18 years working for the company and 7 years on Flyertalk it is a very sad time for me and I just wanted to say my goodbyes to you all and thank you for all your kind comments over the years. I hope Iíve managed to help at least some of you out along the way and I even though you may not believe me I have enjoyed my time on Flyertalk and I like to think Iíve made a few friends along the way. Once I leave Iíll create a new username and should any of you be interested I will post to update you as to what I do next.

I will be around tying up loose ends between now and the 11th, but probably wonít get much chance to come onto Flyertalk and respond to any DC issues.
If you have any, Iím sure Nikki will be able to point you in the right direction.

Once again, itís been lovely being apart of the Flyertalk community and Iíll make sure I take Ďmy listí with me so I can pop back to see what your all up to when I leave.

Take Care

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Thanks so much for all your help last 2/3 years!!! I wish you all the best and hope that everything goes smoothly in finding new employment!

All the best!
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Jo - best of luck to you in the future and hope to see you on FlyerTalk sometime in the future. Thanks for all your help and assistance which has gone a long way in making Diamond Club an amazing FF programme.


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Thanks for all of your help over the years! Good Luck in your next venture
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Thanks so much Jo for all the hard work, efforts and dedication. You're a star and best wishes for the future
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Good luck for whatever lies ahead for you and I echo the above comments thanking you for your valuable contributions to this forum over the years.
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Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
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Good luck for the future and thanks for the status match that got me flying bmi back in 2008. It's a shame I hadn't discovered bmi sooner, the airline had some of the best frontline staff you could imagine, people who tried to help rather than looking at a rulebook.
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You literally saved my life when a TG F booking hadn't been ticketed.

Thank you for everything and good luck.

BD was always special; the likes of you made it so.
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I think I'm probably the person who has worked most closely with Diamond Club over the last number of years and on behalf of the users of this board and on behalf of I would like to sincerely offer our thanks to you Diamond Club!

Let the eulogy begin:
Diamond Club was the first official airline lurker on Flyertalk, best as I am aware, and her contribution here has been enormous. All other FT lurkers stand in her shadow and owe her a debt of gratitude - and her early lead in social media has set the pace round these parts.

Diamond Club has helped innumerable (and innumerate) FTers through the years - far more than will be obvious from her sometimes limited posting on the board. I expect that at times, she has been driven to the edge by some of the posters here (haven't we all? ) but she has always courteously and patiently helped everyone to the best of her ability. She is one of the great lurkers and has been an incredible brand ambassador for bmi. She has also been a source of useful and accurate information at times when clarity has been lacking.

I have also had the great pleasure of meeting Joanna in person - and she is even nicer in real life - this will come as no surprise to the regulars. I am pleased and honoured to count her as one of my friends.She's pretty soft on the eye too.

I am tremendously sad to see Diamond Club and Jo leave us - but am pleased she will look in occasionally.

Jo - thanks for everything, my friend.

bmi forum mod team

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You have helped so many of us here over the years that it is difficult to measure the mountain of thanks owed to you.

Best of luck in what comes next and glad that you will still hang around this neck of the woods.
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Jo, you can't believe how sad I am to hear this; of all the BD/DC staff, you were the one that I hoped would be able to find future employment with BA

You took care of my and Mrs NWIFlyer's status matches from KLM, and you sorted out so many issues for us over the time. At least I can say, with our flying record and credit card spend since, your judgment in giving those matches was spot on

I'm sure in common with everyone else on this board I wish you the very best for the future, and hope your talents will be recognised and rewarded in your next job.

Oh, by the way, if you'd like to give the BD side of the Twix story before GoldCircle tells us his version ...
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The End Is Nigh

I'm fairly new to the bmi board but might I take this chance to offer you my best for the future, I very much hope that you have something to move onto and I look forward to you popping up under a new username in the future.

All the best
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Thanks and best of luck
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Oh I am so sad to hear this.

Thanks for your help, and wish you the best in the future.
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