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TheEngineer Apr 8, 10 4:53 am

DC Shopping problem
Anyone else tried to use the shopping portal today?

Every time I click on a partner I go back to the home page :td:

Oh well, I guess they don't need the money :rolleyes:

Oxon Flyer Apr 8, 10 5:00 am

Its working for me.

Being directed back to the home page with every click when you're in the Members Area is a symptom of this site's ongoing cookie monster problem, so maybe you could try the fix detailed in the Read This First sticky ?

adl73x Apr 8, 10 5:15 am

Well, only since last evening has this been a problem for me, but it occurs on 2 different PCs with different operating systems on different networks using 3 different browsers, with cookies and trust setting taken care of as per the sticky.

So, either you are just very lucky, or the inability to access any link from within the portal is targeted at specific DC members and we are just very unlucky...

jms_uk Apr 8, 10 6:57 am

It worked fine for me too: OS X 10.5, FF 3.6.3

My only problem is that miles stay "pending" for ages...

ReadystEDIgo Apr 8, 10 8:25 am

Online shopping hasn't been working for me today either - from a computer which had no issues yesterday.

Leedsflyer Apr 9, 10 9:28 am

argh... ! Not working for me either, just as I want to buy a new digital camera... was working fine yesterday on FF/Windows7; today no luck on FF, Chrome, or on a completely different machine which has never had a login, so it can't be cookies... :mad:

Tiger_lily Apr 9, 10 10:11 am

bmi IT strikes again by the looks of it.

Leedsflyer Apr 9, 10 10:52 am

I've put in a call to BMI... they've promised to ring me back before 1730... will report back... (I should add I tried 4 different numbers before I even got this far... and this isn't the IT dept yet -- they aren't picking their phone up...). Dont hold your breath....

Tiger_lily Apr 9, 10 11:01 am

Try phoning the head of e-commerce

Leedsflyer Apr 9, 10 11:48 am

They did ring me back, and I've spent the last 43 minutes on line with a very helpful chap from Tech Support. Unfortunately to no avail :(

He was unable to replicate the problem on his machine, though he did eventually have a similar problem when he went to the shopping site, and then tried to go back to his diamond club account.

I have the same problems on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, on 3 different machines, with various security settings.

It seems that it's a problem with my DC account -- I finally had the idea of creating a brand new DC account, logged in on that, and it all worked fine. So it's not a browser problem. He's filed a report on this, and it will be looked into. He said he'd like to promise a swift resolution, but said he couldn't do so! Full marks to him for trying though.

Unfortunately I've just realised I don't have his name/number (I was on a ring back). The way I contacted them was to go to central switchboard, hit 6, explained my problem, and was put through to Philippa, who said it wasn't her dept, but she contacted IT support for me (who then rang me back).

Btw, although it says at the top of the screen, only the black bar saying BMI comes from that site; all the rest of the content on the shopping page is from the external company who run the shopping, so it seems the problem may not actually be with BMI IT support, but with the external company...

adl73x Apr 9, 10 4:29 pm

Brilliant. So the problem is DC account-specific, and we are the unlucky ones.

BBC Shop is only 4 BA miles/ so I'm hanging out for 6 BD miles/ from an accessible DC site.

Call me petty.

GoldCircle Apr 9, 10 4:40 pm

You're petty.

adl73x Apr 10, 10 4:06 am

Originally Posted by GoldCircle (Post 13742147)
You're petty.

Thank you.

GoldCircle Apr 10, 10 3:08 pm

Pleased to help out. That's one of my functions as Moderator. :D

Starhints Apr 11, 10 6:35 am

... same problem here ... No way in collecting miles or reviewing the status of my last transactions.

Diamon Club seems to be a real mess these days ... :td:

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