My AVIS Points disapperared

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My AVIS Points disapperared

I have earned so much points in my AVIS preferred account. Due to inactivity all my points were inactivated to zero. I have not been informed. I dont think their expiration policy is clear either. Any one experienced this before?. I asked the customer service to reinstate my points. But no response yet.
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Upon seeing this post, I was curious to learn about their points expiration policy, and found this on their terms and conditions pdf. What's the difference between Expiration and Cancellation?

Expiration of Avis Preferred Points: Points are valid for sixty (60) months from when they were earned. In the event that the Avis Preferred member fails to exercise any redemption of earned points within such sixty (60) month period, the points are deemed forfeited and surrendered back to Avis and shall have no value to the Avis Preferred Member and will be removed from any of the Member’s accounts. Points earned by residents of the province of Ontario, Canada do not expire. However these points may be canceled due to inactivity.

Cancellation for Inactivity: Avis Preferred Points earned or otherwise obtained by an Avis Preferred Member will be forfeited without notice if the Avis Preferred member becomes Inactive. An Avis Preferred Member is considered “Inactive” if during a 12-month period: (a) the Avis Preferred Member has not completed an eligible rental at a participating Avis location; (b) the Avis Preferred Member has not earned or redeemed any Avis Preferred Points, or (c) the Avis Preferred Member’s account has been cancelled.

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Based on my experience, Avis doesn't notify you when your points are due to expire. I lost the points I had, too. I didn't bother to ask them about it. It was my mistake for not paying attention.

That said, it would have been difficult for me to use any points. I only do local or one-way rentals. The Avis office where I rented relocated to a different part of town. Instead of being in walking distance from home, it's now a bus/taxi ride. I can still walk to 4 other rental locations, which makes Avis no longer worth much to me.

I basically stopped using Avis because they moved...which lead to the inactivity. I'd definitely be more upset if those points were of more value to.

Hopefully, you can get your points back.
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