I miss Ansett

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I miss Ansett

I really do. I never flew them in any class except coach, but it was always quite pleasant.

The Lounge in Sydney was a perfect place to shower and cleanup after the flight from LAX.

Getting off the plane in Cairns by the airstairs and going into the 60s "Modern Age" terminal was a gas.

What a fine airline ruined. How sad.
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after flying Qantas last week for the first time in ages, I can agree. Bring back that genuine Australian service, and the spirit of Ansett!
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So do I Brian

I just had a thought though. Singapore Airlines are looking to start up a third domestic carrier in Australia. Presumably the liquidators of Ansett still have the brand name up for sale.

Who is to say that Singapore won't buy the brand name and relaunch a new Ansett Airlines? Think of the support such a new airline would get from us Aussies. It would be quite a strategic move on their part.

cheers Peter

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Ansett: The Collapse will be released at the start of August, for those who want to remember. The book will be $24.95, and will be launched (out of all people) by John Anderson (aka. Minister for QF).

Just reading excerpts of it in the paper was quite saddening.

Going to the Ansett museum and seeing everything come down to this is saddening.

Seeing a bustling QF terminal, and a barren AN terminal is saddening.

Seeing the 'food' QF can serve and get away with is saddening.

When will this bloody 3rd carrier just come!


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My god, it is so nice to see you guys are still here. I only came to this site to see if AN was still in the system and to my horror it was gone, only to scroll a bit further and I found it in the grave site, to be honest it brought a tear to my eye.

I too miss Ansett, deeply. As you probably all know I was a flight attendant with them. My life since Ansett has been terrible, even until now. I have been applying to airlines all over the world without any success. I could have worked for Brittannia in the UK but couldn't get my EU passport in time, but the contract is almost over anyway.

Good news, I have been accepted by Qantas and am waiting for the final letter from Australian. I am so excited about Australian, it's going to be a new start for myself and a lot of my former collegues, if we get in. I have had the medical and passed but who knows what happens in this industry.

Anyway the point of me writing is to thank you all again for your continuing support. I think we all know by now Ansett is dead and I think I can speak for everyone it has been a hard time, especially the dedicated staff. You all have made our time at Ansett a wonderful experience. You are why we are, sorry, were, there. I know that any airline who takes on the former Ansett staff will be inheriting fantastic people who can only assist in the success of the company they are employed with.
Ansett staff are some of the most proffessional people I have ever worked with and regardless if they work for Qantas, Virgin (that must be about 1 in 1000, thanks Virgin), or anyone else they can expect us to put in our 100% because we love our people, we love our customers, we love our work. Ansett will ALWAYS be a part of us even though we will dedicate ourselves elsewhere, but wont it also be a part of you??


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By the way,

Do the AN staff get any benefits from the sale of the book, I could really do with the rest of the money I am owed, and now!!

Seriously we are still owed tens of thousands, which I have learnt today was supposed to come from the tax you guys have been paying every time you fly. I would like to know where THAT money has gone Mr. Anderson!! Look I'm not begging for the money because I know we probably wont see it for years anyway, if ever, but what HAS happened to your money....?? Makes you think!!!

You can't blame me for being bitter and twisted, can you!!
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