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hokiegl Jan 1, 17 7:40 am

American Express retention offers (2017-2019).
My annual fee posted last statement. I have spending this current spending. If I call to cancel on the last day of this statement (30 days), will my pending SPG points still post? Any Data points on this?

signofthefourwinds Jan 1, 17 10:34 am

Delta SkyMiles Renewal Offer - 20K Miles
I was considering canceling my Delta AmEx Skymiles card, but was offered 20K miles if I paid the $95 renewal fee.

Have others received this offer, or a better / worse offer?


MSPeconomist Jan 1, 17 10:39 am

If you use pay with miles, those 20,000 RDMs are worth approximately $200, so your offer is worth at least a hundred dollars more than the fee. This requires purchasing a DL ticket with only DL flights at some point, but DL miles currently never expire. Of course, you might get much better value for an award ticket you want.

pritomd Jan 3, 17 11:52 am

Called for PRG during business hours (around 1:40PMEST)

Thanked me for 10+ years of service. Asked me why I was switching, I said I was going to use CSR. Rattled off Amex benefits like non-rotating categories, good categories like grocery, better purchase protection. Then got to the offers:

Some people pay 39,000 MR points to renew. He said he could discount to 19,000
2,500 MR points right now...5,000 more after $1,000 spend for total of 7,500 MR points
$75 statement credit here and now

Went with the 2,500 + 5,000 offer

eajusa Jan 3, 17 1:55 pm

Originally Posted by pritomd (Post 27698456)
Called for PRG during business hours (around 1:40PMEST)

Some people pay 39,000 MR points to renew. He said he could discount to 19,000

Is this something new? I never heard of paying AF with MR points before.

mia Jan 3, 17 2:13 pm

Originally Posted by pritomd (Post 27698456)
... PRG ...

Some people pay 39,000 MR points to renew. He said he could discount to 19,000

Originally Posted by eajusa (Post 27699137)
Is this something new?

No, it's been an option for as long as I can remember, but look at the redemption rate and you will understand why there isn't much discussion. Redeeming 39,000 points to offset $195 is $0.005/point. The special rate offered to pritomd is better, but take into account that $100 of that $195 is refundable.

pcket5s Jan 3, 17 3:41 pm

Called retention number in the wiki today about my Amex personal Plat for annual fee that will appear on next month cycle. Approx. $22k in spend on card last year.

Was offered $200 statement credit or 25k MR... Took the points.

majsmom Jan 3, 17 9:14 pm

Ameriprise Platinum
Called customer service and spoke to them about the annual fee posting about a week ago. I asked if there was any options available regarding the fee. They said since we are a long time member (since 93) the retention dept should be able to do something. Was transferred to the retention dept. They gave us 3 options: 1) pay our annual fee with our membership points but at a discounted rate (wasn't intererested so did not remember what the discounted rate was)
2) $200 credit or 3) 25,000 points. Took the points. We spent around $40K.

mia Jan 4, 17 8:14 am

Moderator action
Retention reports from 2015 - 2016 have been archived HERE.

elg26 Jan 4, 17 9:55 am

Originally Posted by eajusa (Post 27699137)
Is this something new? I never heard of paying AF with MR points before.

Today, I was just offered the same on my Amex PLAT - said there was a "Managers Special" where I could pay off my AF with 45,000 points...said normally 75,000-90,000 pts......I declined of course...

I was offered nothing for the first time after 5 years.... $25,000 spend....Mentioned the CSR card......he said he noticed was given 20,000 points last year and said no other offers available besides the Managers Special....

I may HUCA 1 more time before deciding...

Chalky White Jan 4, 17 11:19 am

Platinum by Morgan Stanley: 20k points for $3k in spend in 90 days. $20k in spend last year (agent noted that I put $60k on my SkyMiles card last year).

anutham Jan 5, 17 12:09 pm

Premier Rewards Gold card - 1st year having the card. Annual Fee coming up in 30 days - Offered $100 cash or 20KMR (5k MR points today and 15k after 3k spend in 92 days)

Took Points

Agent also offered to pay for the AF with 19.5kMR points once the fee posts.

Wiscmatt Jan 5, 17 3:37 pm

Delta Skymiles Gold - $0 spend in last year, received $75 off the $95 AF last year to keep the card. No offer this year, closed the card.

ehchan Jan 5, 17 7:48 pm

PGR - No offer
Called for my wife's Premier Gold Rewards card, annual fee posts this month. No offer available at all. Little spend after bonus was earned. I guess I should get my AA gift cards then cancel the card :)

turin39789 Jan 6, 17 12:51 pm

Called today and said I was thinking of cancelling, but are there any offers?

Like what?

Anything to mitigate the fee.

Well only if you have more than 75,000 MR points. Then you can use that to pay the annual fee.

So that was all I was offered. Not sure if I should try again in a few weeks. Admittedly I did pick this up and meet the spend for the bonus before moving onto other cards. Most of my everyday goes on the Blue cashback.

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