Amex SimplyCash Plus Business Card [Consolidated]


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Hello all:

Could you please tell me if there is a problem with any of the following:

1) As suggested in item 26 here:

Amex knows when you buy gift cards at OM/OD. I see something like "VISA META GROCERY $20-200 INCOMM FEES 2" in my account. Is it going to create a problem for 1a) min spend 1b) 5% cash back?

2) In my area it looks like all OM post as "Wholesale stores" while OD post as "Office supplies". Should I worry about OM cash back or it's going to generate 5% anyway?

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Does SCP code 5x anywhere online for gift card buying?
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Originally Posted by mhdena View Post
You have 3 to pick from, its up to you.
Does paying your wireless bill w/ the SimplyCash Plus trigger the 5% and does it give wireless insurance when paying your bill? Any similarity with Chase Ink Plus?

I don't know how I missed "Mia's" larger-than-life post (actually I saw your green light and went directly to it), but from the way it reads, you do get the 5% for that but no insurance -correct?

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Heard some datapoints that SCP was no longer earning 5% on OD/OM VGC. Can anyone confirm? I haven't bought any in awhile.
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