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(Wikipost) Business Extra ("ExtrAA") Program (master thread)
American Airlines Business Extra® Program (master thread)

Historical Notes
  • Feb 2018 - BXP1, BXP2, BXP3 Upgrade Certificates can be redeemed electronically, without the need to redeem or submit paper certificates. [POST]
  • Dec 2015 - Unannounced more-restrictive changes to BXP upgrade certificates implemented. [POST]
  • Nov 2015 - Europe AA Business Extra closed and migrated to AA-BA-IB On Business [POST]
  • Oct 2014 - Business Extra Awards may be redeemed for flights on US Airways
  • Sep 2013 - Business ExtrAA brand changed to simply Business Extra
  • Sep 2012 - Upgrade Awards are no longer restricted to use within 30 days of travel [POST]

Key Information
  • Promotion Codes - For a current list of Business ExtrAA promotions, see: Business ExtrAA Bonus Offers (consolidated)

  • Point Expiration - Business Extra points expire on a rolling basis, two years after the year in which they are earned, on December 31 at midnight U.S. Central Time. Their validity can not be extended.

  • Award Redemption - All awards must be redeemed via the Business Extra website. Flight Awards are delivered electronically via email with an Electronic Authorization Number. Upgrade Awards and Admirals Club Day Passes are delivered in paper certificate form via regular mail. Redemption sweeps occur twice per week and expedited delivery is available if you provide your FedEx/UPS account number via email. Gold Status and Admirals Club Membership awards are processed and active in the member's account after approximately one week, with other membership materials delivered in the mail within 4 weeks.

    Note: BE awards must be booked on nonstop flights if they are available between your origin and destination.

  • Award Inventory Codes - Per Meeting Services, Business Extra Awards book into the following inventory (although there are conflicting reports from mvoight and InsipidMonkey on whether or not this information is accurate for PlanAAhead Awards, for which availability may be significantly less than MileSAAver Award and/or T inventory availability):
    Award Type Books Into
    PlanAAhead - Economy T
    PlanAAhead - Business* U
    PlanAAhead - First† Z

    AAnytime - Economy Y
    AAnytime - Business* J
    AAnytime - First† F

    Upgrade to Business* C
    Upgrade to First† A

    * = First class cabin on 2-class flights
    † = First class cabin on 3-class flights
  • Flight Award Reservations - Award Tickets must be booked through AA Meeting Services at 1-800-433-1790 (U.S. and Canada; others contact your local reservations office), and you will need to provide the Reservations Agent with the Electronic Authorization Number from your award certificate. As of Oct 2012, flight awards can be booked without a telephone booking service charge.

  • Flight Award Expiration - As published on the Business Extra website, Award Tickets must be booked within one year of redeeming the certificate, and are then valid for one year from booking:

    Award ticket must be issued by midnight one year from the original award redemption date. Tickets issued against Business Extra flight awards are then valid for one year from the ticket issue date.
  • Upgrade Award Reservations - Upgrade Awards may be applied once a reservation is Ticketed by calling AA Meeting Services; you do not need to have the upgrade certificate in hand in order to request the upgrade. However, for paper certificates, the original MUST be presented at the airport on the date of travel in order to check in. This will become moot as remaining paper certificates expire are are used up following the transition to electronic certificates in Feb 2018.

    Upgrade Awards carry fare restrictions (excludes B, N, O, Q or S fares). Take careful note of your fare when making a reservation. It is possible to "Upfare" a reservation from the lowest available fare to an BXP-upgrade-eligible fare by placing it on Hold at, calling AA to request the desired higher fare basis code, then completing the purchase online.

    You can specify ITA searches that exclude the ineligible fares as follows:
    jfk:: aa /f ~bc = b & ~bc = n & ~bc = o & ~bc = q & ~bc = s
    (Or you can place everything after the slash directly in the second advanced control box.)

    These filters can also be concatenated with other commands, such as maximum duration, separated with a semicolon:
    jfk:: aa /maxdur 800 ; f ~bc = b & ~bc = n & ~bc = o & ~bc = q & ~bc = s
  • Upgrade Award Expiration - Electronic BXP Upgrade Awards are valid for 1 year from redemption. Previously, paper Upgrade Awards were valid thru Jun 30 or Dec 31 of the following year, with the exact date depending on the batch of certificates available at the time of redemption.

  • Returning Unused Awards - Electronic Flight Awards may be returned free of charge within 5 calendar days of redemption. All other unused awards may be returned for a $150 fee (waived for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members) and points will be reinstated with the original expiration dates. Thus, this method cannot be used to extend the life of expiring points.

  • Business Extra Account Credit - A Business Extra number can be added to an existing reservation (for example, booked by a third-party travel agent) by calling AA Meeting Services.

    A Business Extra number can be added to an existing BA reservation as follows:
    1. Go to
    2. Select 'Manage My Booking' tab
    3. Follow the instructions to pull up your reservation
    4. Select the link towards bottom listed under 'Quick Links' 'Add On Business or Business Extra number'
    5. Add your Business Extra number and check the box to give your consent.

    Retroactive credit for completed travel can be requested via the Business Extra website.

  • Contact Business Extra

    Web home page:

    Booking and Ticketing (Meeting Services desk)
    1-800-433-1790 5:00 a.m. - 12:00 midnight (CT) 7 days a week

    Business Extra Customer Service
    1-800-457-7072 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (CT) Monday - Friday
    Fax: 1-817-931-9029
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Link to BE contact web form

    Link to BE web contact form

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