How much will you fly this year?

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How much will you fly this year?

I am a geek, for sure. But wondered if anyone else did this: I have a spreadsheet to estimate every single trip, mile, segment, and status for the entire calendar year. If my schedule remains constant this year, I expect the following:

- EQS: 235
- EQD: $31,240
- EQM: 199,222

Based on my projections, here are my status re-qualification dates:

- Gold: February 20, MIA -> LAX
- Plat: March 29, DFW -> DCA
- Plat Pro: April 23, AUS -> CLT
- Exec Plat: May 27, DCA -> DFW

This would be my first time getting to executive platinum. I have gotten close several times, but fallen short. Last year, I got back on the road full time and will easily qualify with over 7 months left.

What about you?
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how do you know what the rest of your year looks like already as a traveling consultant? my current weekly commute is LGA - RDU so only getting 500 EQM each way until end of Feb. Not sure if I will continue that route or get onto another project after that. depending on how long I'm extended for I might have to tough it out with segments to re-qualify as EXP.
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Unfortunately I don't have a predictable travel schedule since I don't know what projects I will pick up this year. I hope to get to Platinum Pro this year. I would have in 2019, but I took a break from AA due to terrible experiences but I am back. I did a status match on United and Delta and neither were amazing. I hope to get some international travel on my plate.
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What's your R-squared?
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Far more than I would like to.....
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I know of several trips this year, and am making guesses that I'll be close to Plat Pro again. I missed it by a wide margin this year.

Expected trips include: MKE, OKC, CLT, LGA, LAX, SNA, MSY, DTW, MIA, SAV, ZRH, and LHR. The last two will be either Premium Economy or Business (possibly Business over and Economy Plus back). SNA will be first class.
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I keep a spreadsheet, but mostly in the interest of figuring out how I'm going to spend my precious few vacation days.

No commercial airfare for work that I can see on the horizon, so...

EQS: 20-26
EQM: 32-44k

Not exactly setting any records.
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I have trips to LAS, EZE, SYD, NBO, PDX, MIA, HKG, all booked and just got back from LHR (all business class) with trips to ROC, SFO, SAN, LAX and HNL in the works. Should hit EP again this year.

Safe Travels
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If previous years are any indication, I will hit EXP with $20k-25k EQDs, and between 150k and 200k EQMs. Already have a trip to EZE planned and one to CDG.
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I live near PHL and go to LAS once a month. Will probably do basically the same this year, although I might go to Italy instead one month in the summer. My stats will depend how many times I buy F tix and how many times I fly via LAX. There has been a daily PHL-LAX flight on an A332 which is much more desirable since if you buy Y you get a PE seat (as MCE), and if you buy F you get an Envoy suite. In 2019 I calibrated this all to make EXP, but I did that with the help of 6K EQD from a credit card. Since I can only get 3K this year this means my actual spend would have to be $12K this year (and probably more after that once AA joins UA in the race to the bottom) and I doubt I'm willing to spend that much. So I'll probably make PPRO. The conundrum is that having made EXP, I don't want to pay for my F seats this year, I hope to get them for free, but that degrades my EQM/EQD.
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I got out of a long distance relationship so I'll be spending less time in long haul Y. Both of those changes are probably good for my sanity, but as a result I'm probably not going to make Platinum Pro next year, and I'll miss the UDUs, especially since I seemed to clear them at a much higher than normal percentage.

SJC-LAX x4: 4k EQM but like 2.5k BIS
Other US domestic flying: ~15k
SJC/SFO-???-BKK (not booked, calculating as via Tokyo): 16k
Impulse trip to Europe (not booked): ~12k

Unless work surprises an international trip on me, I'll be dropped to Platinum for 2021, with no stickers in my name. Maybe I should pay for long haul J with my own money next year. Or just accept that expecting to be in domestic F is going to fade into distant memory just like the girl that indirectly gave me that privilege.
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I also have a spreadsheet and my goal is as follows:
EQM - 100,001
EQD - 15,001
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Probably the same as last year, idk.
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EQS: 47
EQD: $24,024
EQM: 163,453

Gold: Mar 2 DFW-HKG
Plat: Mar 28 DFW-FRA
Plat Pro: June 5 PHL-LIS
Exec Plat: July 18: PEK-DFW
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My goal for this year is to fly so much that I make Greta and her fellow flight shamers SCREAMING mad!
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