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zznoname Aug 31, 19 8:15 am

Non-refundable Basic Economy Ticket Repurposing?

JJeffrey Aug 31, 19 8:45 am

I agree, those stats don't look good, however if your only basis for asking for a free change is that the flights are often delayed historically, then there's practically zero chance AA will do you a favor, especially on a BE fare.

iadisgreat Aug 31, 19 9:06 am

There was an escape path out of BE if you upfared, but I think I recall seeing a tweet from JonNYC that this policy is gone (though I may be wrong). Call in and see is the only advice I can give.

Often1 Aug 31, 19 9:28 am

I think that it's gone as well. But, calling to ask won't hurt.

I would omit the entire rant about historical metrics as it is irrelevant to the simple question of whether an agent has the authority to make a change to a BE fared ticket to a standard penalty fare (and collect the fare difference if there is one).

IADCAflyer Aug 31, 19 9:41 am

Seems like a bit of histrionics here.

Looking at the past 11 flights: AA830 on time 6 out of 11 flights. Five times it was indeed late - often running at least an hour. But given that we're heading out of the summer travel mess season and heading towards more benign weather, I wouldn't sweat this. Plus you're flying on a 788. It could be much worse of a situation.

MADPhil Aug 31, 19 9:43 am

I don't know about BE but the standard conditions usually say that if a change results in a refundable ticket then the amount that was originally non-refundable remains so.

MSPeconomist Aug 31, 19 9:49 am

Originally Posted by MADPhil (Post 31476629)
I don't know about BE but the standard conditions usually say that if a change results in a refundable ticket then the amount that was originally non-refundable remains so.

.....or that the new ticket inherits all of the rules and penalties of the original ticket, which would mean that even new money remains nonrefundable and unchangeable.

zznoname Aug 31, 19 11:58 am


zznoname Aug 31, 19 12:46 pm


newyorkgeorge Aug 31, 19 1:30 pm

If the last flight of the day and it's due to mechanical issues AA should provide a hotel, meal vouchers and re-accommodation. If it's weather, ATC, Airport Issues you're on you own. If you're lucky AA will confirm you on a flight. If not, you will be put on standby. For mechanical issues if there is another carrier flight to your destination that night AA might book you on that flight (assuming available seats). The other issues AA isn't going to book you on another carrier. There is a DFW/MIA flight that gets into MIA a little after 1AM. You could asked to be re-accommodated on that flight, however, ground transport back to FLL would likely be at your own cost.

ijgordon Aug 31, 19 2:15 pm

Does AA not fly ORD-FLL nonstop?

Otherwise OP can try a reroute to MIA in case of IRROPS which is a half hour away, or even PBI which is less than an hour from FLL.

But taking a late evening flight with a connection to make a time-sensitive event is playing with fire.

zznoname Aug 31, 19 2:32 pm


zznoname Aug 31, 19 2:44 pm


Often1 Aug 31, 19 4:59 pm

Originally Posted by zznoname (Post 31477351)
Thanks. From it's inception, the planning was just stupid. We thought as long as we get there early (at the time, midnight seemed early for a 15.00 appointment) we could leave late in the day, suffer a bit with the connections, and save a couple hundred bucks. Really, really, dumb.

But if we miss our scheduled connection, the last flight DFW-FLL is another flight with two (2) connections with 14 hours travel time. How in the world can AA sell a DFW-FLL ticket with a 14 hour flight time?

Then, as mentioned above, there are two early morning DFW-FLL non-stops that get in before 15.00.

This risk is too great.
I'm thinking we have to eat the $400. and spend $600 more to be "safe".
Just throw money at the problem, because it seems clear, at least from past flights, we'd be walking into a messed up situation.

We're sort of used to international connections, that over the years, have been on time.

International vs. domestic, makes no difference.

What doesn't make sense here is flying AA. Both UA & B6 offer nonstop ORD-FLL service. Once you made the decision to connect via DFW, the question of why AA offers this or that goes out the window.

nancypants Aug 31, 19 5:26 pm

Also as others have said, you have tunnel vision on the destination. How are the times/connections for MIA?

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