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Catbert10 Mar 3, 19 8:16 pm

Originally Posted by enpremiere (Post 30843581)
Now if you can get a refund for any segment that becomes Oasis that would be a FT thread starter.

Seriously, you would be an FT legend

mvoight Mar 3, 19 9:36 pm

Originally Posted by sweetsue (Post 30820888)
part of my itin. has been changed from a 737 to an express jet,,, from ord to ewr.

Will AA refund the ticket as a schedule change? I know that United will do a refund for an aircraft swap.

Thanks in advance.

AA has a published policy for change of gauge for international flights.
I have not found one for domestic changes, but I've had 2 dometic flights that changed from a 777 to a 757/737
On both flights I was in Prem Economy seating for an Economy fare, as MCE seating
I asked for a refund on one flight and a change on the other. The phone agent had no problem with either request
That said, in your case you have a change of carriers, so you should be able to get a refund, as others have stated.

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