Coping with 20/20 withdrawl

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Coping with 20/20 withdrawl

OK, so now I've got 20 partners credited, another 3 that haven't posted, and 3 more (TWA, Hertz, Hilton) that will happen in the next couple of weeks.

And it's as if someone turned off the Fun switch and let the air out of the balloon.

This scavenger hunt has been the perfect antidote to summer boredom. Thank you, AAdvantage for coming up with this preposterous bonus, and bless you, FlyerTalkers who have devised and reported ingenious ways to get partners. (I've even found a use for my Orvis thread: the white stuff is strong as nails for sewing on buttons.)

But now what do I do? I want to keep scavenging, but there's no point. So I just sit and whistfully pass on fireplace matches and chef's thimbles that would surely earn me 7 or 12 miles + 1 partner.

Does anyone know of a therapist who (1)can handle this type of problem and (2)will give miles for sessions?

Thanks for listening,

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Surely you have friends or relatives that could use 20,000 AA miles (and your 20/20 expertise). Don't be satisfied with just one bonus!
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I'm so paranoid with all of the conflicting info as to what is a partner & what's not, I can't stop at 20!
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Wideman---I'm with you. I miss the aggravation. I can't stop thinking about some scheme to get another partner & then I slap myself on the forward & "oh Yeah, I'm in already & got the e-mail to prove it". I NEVER would have even dreamed of attempting it w/o all help from you FT pals. Thanks. Maybe i should go buy a few boxes of Kellogs something or other just to keep the "fun" alive.
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Gee, Wideman. I hate to see you suffer from withdrawel. Since I'm a latecomer to the promotion, I'm just working on mine. There are three other family members who would love to see 20,000 miles in their accounts....LOL.

Have you tried for 40 partners and see if they'd give you 20,000 miles twice?
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While I await my last 2-3 postings I've decided I'll do some work here at work, only I forgot how to do my job!
Scavenging is so much more fun.
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Originally posted by anz5708
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">...I forgot how to do my job</font>

I'll miss it, too.
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I just keep hoping another airline runs another bonus. First NW at 10K then AA at 20K whose next at 30K (I know wishful thinking). I'm just finishing up on my 4th family member as long as AA does not change the rules again.
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When I first heard about the promo, I had no interest in going for the 20,000. I'm new to AA and envisioned having to stay in 20 different hotels or some nonsense like that.

But after looking at the partner list, I realized I was half way there already!! With a few minor purchases from other partners plus carefully planning some future hotel stays, I'm already at 22!! Due to the confusion, I too wouldn't mind a couple of more just for insurance.
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A few weeks ago, when it was clear I'd met the requirement for 20/20 (I've now beat it by an embarrassing number of partners), I really felt all alone. I mean, all I see on the AA board is 20/20 stuff, and my partner was scrambling to make biz travel fit the promo (easier than it sounds for some who are prone to reroutes and rebookings galore)...

You know, I really oughta learn with a gang of crazies like those at FT, I'm never alone.

In terms of friends and associates, I've given up. I figure if I've mentioned it once and they already travel, then decide not to take advantage of the promo, they shouldn't get the 20K miles.
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