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Club Soda Temporarily Removed From Catering Due to "Exploding" Cans (September, 2019)

Club Soda Temporarily Removed From Catering Due to "Exploding" Cans (September, 2019)

Old Sep 8, 19, 7:49 pm
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Club Soda Temporarily Removed From Catering Due to "Exploding" Cans (September, 2019)

Ordered a soda water on AS78 tonight and received tonic - that first taste was a shock. Asked the flight attendant again for soda water and she said they were out, entirely, across the entire airline. That can’t be right, can it?

Edited to add: A friend just told me he ordered one yesterday and the FA said that they were “randomly exploding” in the catering carts, so they’ve been removed from all flights as a precaution.

Sounds like we’ll either get a new seltzer or a new lot of the existing seltzer soon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(fingers crossed for white claw)
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Old Sep 8, 19, 9:10 pm
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I just had some on AS on Thursday.
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Old Sep 9, 19, 12:36 am
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they're showing up randomly, depending on where the plane was catered but some of the cans are popping open with great force for some reason. I personally witnessed this. The can was fine but it made a really loud sound, not unlike a gunshot - not a sound you want to hear inside of an airplane. I have no idea how or why this is happening - but they're looking for a quick solution. Maybe not so surprisingly, nothing is ever quick, so it may be a few days or more without seltzer or club soda. Unfortunately, the catering companies don't keep extra product just sitting around to be able to substitute with. Any kind of replacement must first be ordered and then put into the system.
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Old Sep 9, 19, 12:44 am
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Also heard they’ve been exploding and thus aren’t being loaded
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Old Sep 9, 19, 12:53 am
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Originally Posted by bmvaughn View Post
(fingers crossed for white claw)
That is one way to capture the millennial market. Now do I want to sit next to said consumer....
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Old Sep 9, 19, 1:09 am
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They told us the catering team wasn't supplying club soda last night from LAX as well
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Old Sep 9, 19, 3:29 am
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This explains why none on AS5 DCA-LAX on Saturday.
Crew finally found one can on whole plane but wasn't aware of why there was a shortage. They said catering failed to load them.
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Old Sep 9, 19, 8:25 am
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None on PDX-EWR this morning.

FA said the airline had to pull them because they were “exploding” when being opened. They’ve identified the facility they came from but needed to pull all cans and start replacing them.
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Old Sep 9, 19, 9:55 am
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Asked for this on EUG-SEA last night and the FA said they'd been pulled from every AS and QX flight a few days ago. Didn't give a reason why, nor a date when they would be back.
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Old Sep 9, 19, 10:20 am
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None for me OAK to SEA on Thursday night, and none on SEA to OAK early this morning.
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Old Sep 9, 19, 11:08 am
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Attendant told me that Seagrams club soda has been pulled from multiple airlines due to exploding cans. Her response implied this is specific to any/all airlines that use Seagrams. However, I don't see anything in the recent news about this issue...
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Old Sep 9, 19, 12:39 pm
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"can" confirm. Flight this week from LAX didn't have soda water.

The tonic water was flat.

Interesting problem with the containers failing. I am sure the bottling/canning engineers will figure this out soon enough.
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Old Sep 9, 19, 1:22 pm
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And to think I just laughed when TSA was worried about Thermal Detonator Coke!
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Old Sep 9, 19, 4:54 pm
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I don't drink the stuff, but some asked for it on PDX-PAE and nope... fa confirmed it was pulled for exploding cans. Sounds like a mess...
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Old Sep 9, 19, 5:25 pm
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lol .. and there's a thread for it ...

had seltzer last Thursday OGG-SAN.

Got the "exploding can" explanation this morning on SAN-OGG. Drank water instead.


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