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Southwest Airtran Integration - Master Thread

Old Jan 21, 14, 5:31 pm
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As Airtran integration with Southwest accelerates toward completion by the end of 2014 It was suggested that a Sticky Thread be initiated to combine all of the information available. This is that thread. The information here is believed accurate but may change at any time.

Please post any corrections or other information you may have.

A+ Rewards Rapid Rewards Integration.

Southwest has stated the Rapid Rewards will be the Frequent Flyer Program for the combined airline. How that will be accomplished has not been announced.

Southwest has apparently begun informing new and renewed Airtran A+ Rewards Elite Members that the programs will be merged at the end of 2014 and that their Status as A_list on Southwest will be extended through 2015. UPDATE: 3/5/2014

A+ Reward Rapid Rewards Conversion

Southwest have created a conversion program that allows A+ Rewards Credits to be transferred to Rapid Rewards Credits and allows allows Rapid Rewards points, credits or Standard Awards to be transfered to A+ Rewards Credits.
  • 1 A+ Credit transfers to 1 Rapid Rewards Credit
  • 1 Rapid Rewards Credit transfers to 1 A+ Credit.
  • 1200 Rapid Rewards Points transfer to 1 A+ Credit
  • 16 Rapid Rewards Credits create 1 Standard Award (2 flights)
  • 1 Rapid Rewards Flight transfers to 8 A+ Credits.
Use of Vouchers and Credits on Southwest and Airtran

At present Southwest Vouchers and Credits can only be used on Southwest.com for flights booked on Southwest. Airtan Vouchers and Credits can only be used on Airtran.

However some people have reported that Airtran will sometimes convert free upgrades or flight vouchers to A+ Credits which can be transferred to Southwest. As more and more flights are transitioned to Southwest opportunities to use Airtran Vouchers will decrease.

UPDATE 3/5/2014: This seems to becoming more of a policy, Airtran recently readliy agreed to convert a voucher I had been issued to 16 A+ Credits. Incidently this reset the expiation date.

UPDATE 3/5/2014: I have been advised that Airtran Customer Service may sometimes, if asked nicely, be convinced to convert Airtran Dollar value vouchers to Southwest dollar value vouchers.

[UPDATE 8/6/2014:[/B] Recent reports indicate that Airtran will convert Vouchers but the process takes between 7 and 30 days. The voucher is unavailable for use during that time. I don't know if any Airtran Vouchers have expiration dates beyond November 1, but as far as I know there has been no announcement of how those may be handled.

The Southwest Airtran 2 Step.

Because new Rapid Rewards Standard Awards expire one year after creation it is possible to extend Standard Awards indefinitely by transferring 16 A+ Credits to Rapid Rewards creating a new Standard Award. If that Award nears expiration then transferring the Standard Award to A+ Credits and Back with create an New Standard Award with a new expiration date.

This process takes 16 A+ Credits and will probably be discontinued sometime in the future.

Status Match between A+ Rewards and Rapid Rewards.

Southwest will generally match status between A+ Rewards and Rapid Rewards. All that is necessary is to establish an account in both Airtran and Southwest then call Customer Service with the account information. Airtran A+ Elite will be given A-List status on Southwest. Rapid Rewards A-List and A-List preferred with be give Airtran A+ Elite Status. As far as we can tell there is no automatic upgrade so if your status match is expiring. It is necessary for you to contact the appropriate airline and let them know it needs to be renewed.

While we have email confirmation of the policy and many people have reported success we also have a few reports of people being denied. If you are denied politely hang up and call back later or send and email. I recommend calling the Airtran Elite number, rather than Southwest or the regular Airtran number.

UPDATE! 7/22/14 Today a member has reported in the Southwest Forum that the Airtran Elite Desk is no longer doing Status matches.

Upgrade to Airtran Biz

I have had been advised that passengers traveling on tickets issued by Southwest who are A-List and Elite are eligible for complementary upgrades to business class on Flights operated by Airtran if space is available. These upgrades are only available 40 minutes before departure at the gate. While this has worked for me several time recently my wife was denied an upgrade. One Customer Service Agent at Southwest confirmed she was eligible another denied it. Another time the Southwest Gate Agent could not figure out how to change the seat assignment.

Southwest is not apparently not giving upgrades without a fight. I have experienced problems at least 3 times and received a report from another forum member of several denials.

UPDATE 3/5/2014: Recently I have been advised by several people at Southwest and Airtran that Southwest is not giving Biz upgrades to A-list passengers traveling on Southwest issued tickets. One Airtran Elite Customer Service Agent acknowledged that they had originally been told upgrades were to be given. The current story is that the original information was in error and there are "Technical Issues" with changing a Ticket issued by Southwest.

Seat Assignments on Airtran Flights Purchased Through Southwest

Recently Southwest added the capability for passengers purchasing seats on Airtran flights Purchased at Southwest.com to select seats. This new change was as far as we can tell completely unannounced it simply appeared one day. There have been reports of some problems with it, specifically that at least sometime passengers purchasing Priority Seating are not boarded in Zone 1 as advertized.

Biz Class Snacks Discontinued.

Starting Jan. 18 the business class snacks have been discontinued. The new snacks are the SWA Select-a-Snack Boxes. Consisting if Oreos, Ritz Cheese Bits and Lorna Doone shortbread cookies. Snacks will rotate every few months. This will be for all flights. Reported by CitrusFA

Drink Coupons Interchangeable UPDATED: 3/5/2014

Although never announced back in September of 2013 Southwest and Airtran began accepting each others Free Drink Coupons, according to Airtran Elite Customer Service.

Everyday is a New Day

One thing that is apparent through this process is that not everyone gets all of the memos. People are seeing glitches all the time especially when Southwest and Airtran systems need to interface. New changes are constantly surfacing.

Please Help Keep Everyone Informed

Southwest has not been actively in informing people of changes. Sometimes things just happen so we need everyone's help in keeping all of us informed.
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Southwest Airtran Integration - Master Thread

Old Oct 9, 14, 10:58 am
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Originally Posted by bjele
I had some Airtran credits expiring Oct 1, so I converted to a standard award to extend the expiration by a year and in case I needed a last minute ticket. Sure enough, I came up needing a $360 one-way fare for something 9 days away.

As I tried to purchase, they said there were no standard awards available on that flight. I would need something called a Freedom Award to buy the seat.

The whole slogan of "no change fees" is really useless for changing to a new flight near the flight date, isn't it? They clearly are going to raise prices for anything within a week to far more than the change fee would've been with Airtran.

I knew this trip was a 50% possibility. In retrospect, I should have bought the ticket when it was $149 and then if things did not line up, I could cancel it to use the funds later. That might be the right strategy to take advantage of the "no change fees" policy.
I would recommend starting to check on a regular basis for standard award availability about a week before the flight. I've gotten very good options just few days before the intended flight date in the past.
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Old Oct 23, 14, 8:30 pm
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So, the ability to transfer between airtran and wn will disappear 11/1?
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Old Oct 23, 14, 10:43 pm
Original Poster
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Yes but you might no want to the very last minute.
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Old Oct 29, 14, 1:17 pm
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Presumably, the FL site will be shutting down within the next few days.

I would suggest screenshots of all account information, while it's still up and running.

That would include booking and award history, as well as profile/account information.
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Old Nov 2, 14, 3:11 am
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As promised (or warned), the FL site is no more. It redirects to


Welcome AirTran Customers
Youve landed here because airtran.com is no longer available. As we move toward the completion of the AirTran and Southwest brand integration at the end of 2014, we want to welcome you into the Southwest family and help address any outstanding questions that you might have related to previously booked travel on AirTran between now and December 28, 2014. If you cant find the answer to your question on this page or in our FAQs, feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).
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Still waiting for my Credits to Points to show up

I'm still waiting for my AirTran Credits to show up as Points in my RR account....

Has anyone seen theirs yet?
Maybe I'm impatient, But I need to book something...
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