How to book PRG-AMS KLM O fare


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How to book PRG-AMS KLM O fare

I bumped up on expert flyer and see that there are O seats available on a round trip flight from prg to ams durring our stay in prg.. I have a zillion MR miles. How do I book the flight. delta shows no availability and FlyingBlue wants my origination to be in the states.. And even if i did find it on Flyingblue how do I book it with MR miles? I'm confused and prolly should know how to do this by now, but.. How do I do this?

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1. "Prolly" does not exist as a word
2. FB does not require you to commence journeys from the US - you must be doing something wrong. (Try typing "PRG" in the "To" field).
3. To book a Flying Blue award, you would first have to transfer Amex MR points into your Flying Blue account (making sure to open one first, if you don't already have one)
4. Short-haul flights are an appallingly bad and wasteful use of FB miles (and hence of Amex MR points). You should be aware that the taxes and charges you will be charged in cash for a return ticket are, in most cases, far more than the cheapest revenue fares for the same return ticket (i.e. just buying a normal ticket from or from will cost you less cash - and no miles - than making a Flying Blue redemption in short haul). The only usual case where it makes sense to redeem FB miles for short-haul is if the flight is leaving in the next day or two and hence the revenue fares are sky-high, or if you require some degree of flexibility with the booking, or if you are making a one-way booking (as one-ways are quite expensive).

In short - I would advise you to abandon the plan of doing an Amex MR -> Flying Blue FB transfer for these purposes, and to just buy a revenue ticket.
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There are two ways to do this:

- Book through the Amex website. They have their own travel agency and allow you to pay with MR miles. Your fare class will be an miles-earning class.

- Convert your MR miles to flying blue and redeem for an award ticket. There needs to be availability, and like Irishguy28 already mentioned: Fees are probably more than the cheapest promo ticket in economy. Redeeming in business makes a little more sense, but will still require a boatload of miles for essentially a 1 hr flight. (=not worth it)

To book a flying blue award, enter through or and set the location to CZ, and language to English. Then you can choose PRG as departure.
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Thanks Xandrios!
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