New AF advertisment campaign

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New AF advertisment campaign

Dear FTers

Yesterday, AF has revealed the new TV/Cinema advertisment to the press.
All in all, this new ad focuses on the Air France brand, and not much on the product.
Funnily, the rocking seat presented in the click is far enough from any BEST seat

Please also note that you have until tomorrow night to hear World can be yours when you call Air France, as the new soundtrack will replace your favorite Telepopmusik tone from March 8th!

Enjoy your weekend!
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I could hardly express how fed up I am with them sending them money on new advertising campaigns, however "pretty" whilst whining that they are strapped for cash and have to continuously enhance away the most basic of comfort features. This is not right.

Beyond that general point, I actually don't find that particular campaign either that pretty or that effective. It is extremely abstract and personally it doesn't make me dream nor particularly feel like flying AF.
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I quite love it.

Marketing needs to happen, regardless of whether an organization is making money, to help reframe perception, inspire new customers, drive penetration, etc.

Stylistically, it is beautiful.
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I like it albeit a bit less than the previous ones. It is as usual very classy. BETC did a great job and AF has IMO the best communication among airline industry and sets the standards very high.

If only they can set the same standards on their core business.
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I don't dislike it but if I didn't know already I wouldn't have a clue what they were advertising.
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I like the new commercial very much. I saw it first on AF's Facebook page and I find it very evocative of my positive experiences with AF (most recently my experience with the new J cabin).
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The French agencies are renowned for making beautiful advertisement campaigns.
This is one of them.
Whether they are productive is another question. The current image of AF is so bad, at least among most international frequent pax, that a campaign needs more than beauty without substance to improve AF image.
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Originally Posted by olivedel View Post
All in all, this new ad focuses on the Air France brand, and not much on the product.
...mmm.... I wonder why...
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Good ad from AF, they keep setting the bar high for airline advertising. And better than the usual work i see from BETC (based on work experience).

Also, saw an ad for Cathay Pacific in the metro yesterday. Actually thought it was an HSBC ad at first given how it looked
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Originally Posted by olivedel View Post
Dear FTers..
The direct video link

..very beautiful ^
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Originally Posted by delanotre View Post
..very beautiful ^
Indeed ^
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