How much of your flying is on AC?

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How much of your flying is on AC?

As we all know, people on this board have extremely varied travel patterns. Some fly a lot, some fly sparsely, some fly so much that they think people who fly 150K AQM are "bottom-feeder" SEs because they fly so little . Some are mainly domestic, some commute to east Africa.

Some complain about being stuck with AC due to location or other reasons, others go out of their way to avoid it (although they still post here about how terrible it is).

All of these things can lead one to vastly different choice of airlines. I'm curious as to what the people on the board actually do.

So, the question is, how much of your flying is actually on AC metal? And *A as a whole?

I do a mix of domestic/TB with a few overseas trips a year, combination of work and personal. I end up in YYZ, YVR, NYC, IAH and BOG each a few times a year, and usually go to Europe 1-2x a year, but no regular commuting anywhere.

Last year, about 60-65% of my ~160K AQM came from AC metal flights.

As for BIS miles (including AE redemptions), it was about 63% AC, with another 26% or so on *A partners.

Lifetime, at least as far as what's in my FlightMemory goes, AC is at about 70% of my BIS miles with *A partners another 12% or so (although some of that predates the existence of the alliance).

EDIT: I thought segments might also be interesting. By AQS, last year I was 70% (53/76) on AC, by BIS about 54% of segments on AC, 19% other *A. Lifetime, around 62% of segments on AC, another 12% *A.

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100% of my flying is on Air Canada.

100% of my flying is also on Delta.
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For 2015 (BIS miles):

58,000 AC (domestic, 1 TATL, 2 TPACs)
21,000 Other *A airlines (mostly United transborder)
32,000 All other airlines (AA and DL transborder and Canadian regionals - 7F, 8P, 9M, etc.)
111,000 total
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Very little.
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Typically, I earn just over 100k AQM each year (I believe he most I've earnt is 160k AQM), AC flights account for 80%-95% of that; almost all flights are for leisure or family-related.

Depending on the year I fly another 25k-50k miles on OW airlines and another ~50k BIS miles on *A partners (booking AE awards).
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2015 only

#	Airline 	Amount 	%
1	Air Canada	64	 84.2 %	 
2	Westjet	        12	 15.8 %
2016 YTD - 3 segments, all AC
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60% Air Canada & United
20% American Airlines
20% Air France

I would like to consolidate my AA flying into *A but many times its just not convenient to do so, plus it's good to see the other side of the fence every now and then.
I use AF in France...duh, because it's convenient as well, but since they are now running direct YVR-CDG for 2016 Im thinking they will see a bit more of my travel $$.
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99.999999% domestically/TB (1 WS flight. I'm guessing my #'s)
0% internationally.
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If YQ is involved (paid or reward travel): none.
Domestic and some TB: usually AC, sometimes UA (destination-dependent).
If Southwestern is the only way to get from there to somewhere else: uh-huh...
If WS is an option: AC every time.
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Top 20 from last year, almost 25k miles on 11 AC flights :O

United Airlines 57899
Air Canada 24351

Copa Airlines 19217
American Airlines 12616
Turkish Airlines 11758
Ethiopian Airlines 11205
Air India Limited 8010
Emirates 6832
British Airways 6712
Malaysia Airlines 6488
Qatar Airways 5368
Qantas 3416
Cathay Pacific 3383
Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia 2646
EVA Air 2502
All Nippon Airways 2426
Gol Transportes Aéreos 1676
TAM Brazilian Airlines 1676
Jet Airways 1320
Etihad Airways 1224
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2015 - Flights

AC - 62
WJ - 4
BA - 2
LH - 4
KA - 6
CX - 5
JAL - 4
UA - 6
DL - 2
AA - 1
Aq - 1
NH - 3
MU - 2
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I did 340K last year:

AC 100K = 140K with 98% on AC metal
EK Gold = 115K with 100% on EK metal
AS MVP Gold 75K = 85K 100% on AS Metal

I am now flying AC to DXB, at least to start the year, I will see how it goes, 1 return flight so far this year and it was quite good. Next flight to DXB next week. If I stay with AC on the DXB flights i will probably hit 230K in 2016.

For *A i usually do 98% on AC Metal.
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For years all my flying was on AC and *A carriers. I don't fly enough though to get status due to the 50% miles on the economy flights I am on.

I am in Asia for work, so I decided to switch to Korean Air. Price wise they are more competitive than 10-15years ago when I started really using AC.

As a Canadian though, I do get about 50-75k points a year on AC from credit card bonus points and travel spend on my AMEX cards. 2013 I got 150k points from welcome bonuses and spends.

I found real value is using the points on *A that doesn't charge massive fees like Air Canada or Asiana do. Air China flew my family to Europe last year for minimal terminal fees.

I can see myself using the points I get from Canadian credit cards on *A, but I'll most likely be going Skyteam until I get my 500k miles and lifetime status with Korean air.
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Only when I have no other choice.
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Was about 80% Air Canada, 15% United and 5% AA. Not sure how 2016 will go but so far looks similar for intended or actual bookings.
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