Transit at Dorval

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Transit at Dorval

I will fly from Frankfurt to Boston via Montreal later this month and was wondering whether one needs to clear Canadian customs / immigration at Dorval during transit. So far, I have received conflicting answers and start to worry about making the connection (about 70 minutes). Will luggage be checked-through at least? Furthermore I would be interested in comments regarding AC's service in Y class on trans-atlantic / transborder flights. So far my experience has been restricted to the old CP. Thank you for any info!

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You will need to clear Canadian customs on arrival at Dorval. You usually have to retrieve your checked luggage at this point unless the agent that checked you in has the correct tags for transit luggage in Canada (not too likely in Europe I have found). Check what they have done otherwise you may be standing by the wrong carousel. You also have to clear US customs at Dorval - this is done by going to gate 99. You also have to retrieve your luggage at this gate and take it through US customs with you - you can choose whether to take it from Canadian Customs to US customs yourself or to check it in, in which case it will appear on the carousel in gate 99 at the back. After clearing US customs you deposit your baggage on a belt.
Sorry have not been on AC in Y class.
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Actually this has now changed. From the looks of it, you'll only have a one-stop inspection process.

Air Canada Press Release

I think that AC is trying to establish YUL, and especially YYZ as a North America - Europe hub much as YVR has become a North American hub for Asia.

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Sterile transit is not yet available at YUL, YYZ or YYC. The signing of the preclearance agreement just makes that possible. They will have to do modifications to the preclearance area to prevent comingling of inbound and YUL originating passengers until they are at the PFI Station.

Inbound, you must clear Canadian customs and immigration, then take your bags upstairs and pre-clear US customs and immigration. You then arrive in BOS without inspection (like a domestic flight).

Outbound, the bags will be tagged for transit, and you will not see them until FRA. However, you will still have to clear immigration before going upstairs for the flight to FRA.
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