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I just returned from a one nighter at the IVY and had a FANTASTIC stay. I arrived at 11:30pm at night, there was someone out there ready to grab my car for the valet ($25 per night). Checked in very quickly. When they didn't ask me what I wanted for my ammenity, I just said, please give me points for the ammenity. The front desk person (who was very friendly) told me that there is an ammenity in my room, but if I don't like it, they'll just add the points.

I then asked him if there were any upgrades available, and he informed me that I had been upgraded already. Walked up to the room (506). It was a true suite that I had been upgraded too. Walk into a vestibule with hardwood floors, two chairs, and a cheese and fruit plate (very fresh fruit, very nicely done - this was my amenity - much better than 500 points). Bathroom off of vestibule with the standard Luxury Collection look and feel (large tub, shower, etc.)

Next room was a fairly large "sitting room" with flatscreen TV and LARGE leather couch, a small desk, and a separate chair. Then two doors to a bedroom with a king bed (nice firm bed, soft pillows). Room was very cold (which is very nice). Flat screen TV had TONS of HD channels (not just CBS, ABC, NBC, but ESPN, ESPN2, etc.). Also, Bose wave radio there too. Bedroom also had two overlooked things that hotels never seem to get right. It had an outlet right next to the bed, which is good for those of us who like to sleep next to their blackberrys (yes I am pathetic). It also had a "suit valet" (you know, a place to hang your jacket, your pants, also holds cufflinks, wallet, etc.) Those things are perfect for someone like myself who usually is a "one night traveler".

I crashed hard, went to sleep, got up and went to the gym. Very nice gym (as has been previously mentioned). 10 new treadmills, 10 new elliptical trainers, a bunch of other aerobic equipment (a couple of upright bikes, rowing machine, etc.) and then a fairly large area with ~20 or so pieces of weight equipment. Very clean, bright, open. Had nice towels. Top 10% of hotel gyms that I have been in. Only nit was only one water dispenser way in the back of the place.

I ordered breakfast for delivery at 7:15-7:30. It arrived at 7:16am. I am a cereal guy in the morning, and typical room service has one of those small boxes (which is just too small for me). Instead of a small box, it was a properly sized cereal already in the bowl. Also had berries, which were very fresh

Also, two complimentary bottles of water (san pellegrino's still water). It was also glass, not plastic (such a nice touch).

Finally, I ran out of toothpaste. Called the front desk, and they brought up a new tube for me in 4 minutes. Instead of the single use stuff one typically gets, it was a 2.7oz tube of colgate. For someone who is constantly on the road, actually not having to go to CVS to pick up a new tube was a pleasant surprise.

Overall, tremendous room (and actual suite, not a junior one), very comfortable, clean, great decor (think dark wood, leather, etc.), quick service, etc. Also, it was cheaper than the WEstin for the night I was staying. I did not use the INternet, so I can't comment on that.

My few complaints (hard to have any):

1 - When I called the front desk at 6:00am to get toothpaste, no one answered. Called again, no answer.

2 - they had no plastic laundry bags in the room. It's nice to be able to use one of those to store workout gear for the trip home (I ended up using the newspaper bag)

3 - Wasn't aware of any "club" room with comp. breakfast, etc.

4 - One finaly compliant. Website had directions to the hotel. Unfortunately, the exit ramps from one interstate to the other interstate where closed. Not sure if I can blame it on the hotel, but so little to complain about, have to add it
Long story short, I would be hardpressed to stay any where else on my next trip to Minny
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