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I checked into the property around midnight this week after a delayed flight. It was very easy to find - right off I-35W on the 11th st exit. I pulled up to the door and a doorman/valet came right out to greet me. I could have looked for, and probably found street parking, but just didn't have the time or energy.

The property is on the Southern end of the downtown area and isn't a long walk to the attractions further North. But as a result of its location, it is a bit quieter around there.

The front desk and lobby are very modern and similar styled like a Westin. The friendly desk agent had an envelope with my keys all ready to go and the check in was very fast.

The hotel has 19 floors with around 7 to 9 rooms per floor. I was given a room on the 19th floor, and it was the room I reserved ("Superior"). I didn't ask for, nor expect, an upgrade due to my longer stay length and Gold status. But the top floor was a nice bone to throw me. The room is an interesting design - I walked in and to my left was a beautiful marble bathroom with a huge sunken tub and a separate glass enclosed shower stall. To my right was a long console that divided the room. It consisted of a closet and the back of the desk. On the other side of this long console was the sleeping area (King bed), and on the back of the closet part of the console was a large 42 (maybe 46) inch plasma TV. Many of the channels are true HD, including local networks and some cable channels like HBO.

The room has both WiFi and hardwired internet (for a fee).

The King bed has very comfortable sheets and ultra soft pillows. The matress is a little bit firmer than I'm used to, but I slept very well.

I hung up my breakfast order on the door handle with a preferred time of 715-730am. They knocked on my door at 650am! I politely commented to the person that I was expecting them a little later, considering I was STILL SLEEPING when the loud knock came (alarm was set for 7am, so I'm not going to grouse about 10 minutes). I'll probably order again and check the same time frame, but this time I'll put a nice note on the form "no earlier, please".

Overall, I like the property and find it to be a peaceful enviroment. I'm going to be at the Westin next week so I'll be able to compare the two. The Spa looks to be very nice from the description of services and amenities so I will try to check that out, as well, and report back.
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