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In such situations, this is clearly a judgement call on the individual who gives up his or her seat for the military member. It seems morally right to do so if it's a soldier, sailor, airman or marine in a combat zone en route to or from.

And while in current times it's highly likely the military people we encounter are headed to or from such duty stations, it's not obvious. It could easily be personnel returning to duty at a domestic base. Maybe someone returning home from 6 weeks of Air Force basic training. Does this person deserve to be moved to first class - whether there's qualified elites around or not?

And then what about in times of peace when we are not as engaged in armed conflict around the world in such numbers? Is there a cutoff on grade and rank? Do E-7's or O-4's and above get the same treatment? Should an Admiral be moved up? (Do flag officers even fly in Y?)
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