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Upgrading military personnel by F/A's

So I was reading a thread on another board and I just have a question:

Is it against policy for F/A's to upgrade military personnel in uniform once on board? This thread I was reading was implying that a US F/A was suspended for 12 days for moving 4 military personnel into the 4 remaining open seats in F. If this is true, that makes me absolutely sick and I hope that F/A fights it. I would also like to implore our fellow FT'ers with a companion upgrade to see that our returning soliders are treated to a seat upfront for the sacrifices they have given. I would also ask that our fellow FT'ers go the extra mile to give up his/her F seat in a sold out F section to an individual returning home from active duty. Whether it be 30 mins or 2 hours, I think those of us not in the military can tough it in cattle. If these guys can do it in a tank for 18 months, we wont wither away in coach!

Sorry for the rant but I just got angry reading if what happened to this F/A is indeed true......
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