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Originally Posted by Christopher View Post
The tidiest stamps in my current passport are the Singapore ones (not surprisingly, I suppose), with each entry stamp neatly paired with its corresponding exit stamp, and all arranged in chronological order over a double-page spread.
Me, too. All my Singapore stamps are straight. Most are right side up but a few are straight on its side.

Japan seems to be very straight but then it's a sticker. One of their exit stamps was in the middle of two squares which seem to discourage other countries from using the space. Eventually, someone will use the space and slightly cover up the Japanese exit stamp.

UK and Sweden tend to be straight but sometimes crooked. Like the other poster said, French ones are all over the place, stamped over stamps, not very clear sometimes, not aligned, etc.

Is it better to get new pages overseas than in the U.S.?

When you have added pages, does the office who does it make a note in the passport in the endorsement page? For example, "Visa pages added. US Embassy Paris" or "Visa pages added. US Embassy Banjul". If so, I want to have it done in an interesting and unusual embassy!
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