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Backscatter (aka nude x-ray)

Had my first experience with the backscatter x-ray at Moscow DME airport last week. I had no idea they had the technology over there. It operates in just the international part. Domestically, you have the option of the x-ray or a normal metal detector and pat-down.

The people looking at the x-ray (all women in their late 20s) are behind a closed desk and cannot easily see the people as they pass through. But passers-by can see what is going on if they linger.

I stood there and watched the results for a few minutes - and all I can say is OH MY WORD. The images leave absolutely nothing to the imagination - and I do mean nothing. After a few minutes of watching this we were abused by the security and ordered to move on. Pity, as it was actually quite interesting

I presume what they have in Russia is the "uncensored" version, whereas the one they are looking at installing in the USA is the "censored" version.
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