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Originally Posted by Kibison View Post
I have a ticket number but MMB shows Status: Waitlisted. shows my ticket numbers but under the details it says "unable to accept sale - flight closed". It is an award ticket using BA miles on RJ on the AMS-AMM-AMS route.
I'm assuming you think the booking is a confirmed booking, but it is now showing "waitlisted" in MMB? Was it always showing "waitlisted" in MMB, or "confirmed".

FWIW, RJ do some pretty odd things with their availability. One moment it's J9 C9 D9, then next it's all zeroed out. Then it re-appears again.

Also the case that RJ without warning cancels off bookings that it thinks have not been ticketed.

I think a call to BA and/or RJ would be sensile. Possibly RJ didn't see the ticket number in time, and cancelled the booking. They do that.
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