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crying babies in FC is one thing but...

Dogs. I want to first say that I love animals. But they all have their place in society. One of those places is not on an airplane. I had a 630 am flight out of San Diego last saturday, I really wanted to sleep along with everybody else in FC that day, except a lady had her dog that seemed to be telepathic. As soon as I would hit that magical level of sleep, you know when it really counts! The dog knew it and would bark. everytime. For about the first hour and a half. When the lady went to the restroom, the dog went crazy until she returned. This happend twice. Sleep was just not going to happen.

Again, I love animals. I would bring my own pets with me everywhere if I could, but I understand that when I travel, its not all about me. So please, leave the damn dogs at home, sedate them, or check them with the other luggage!

Sorry if I sound insensitive in anyway.
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