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Since I started this post, I guess I will add my two cents. I think limelight has a great point. Everyone has those things they will pay for and those they don't care for. For me those things even change. For instance, if I am going on vacation to a resort, I generally won't pay for an upgraded ticket (will try to use miles, but not that big of a concern), but will spend a lot of money at my hotel since that is where I will be spending a lot of my time and where I want to do my relaxing, not just on a plane. Whereas if I am visiting a few cities, I will pay for the upgraded seats to be able to hit the ground running, but don't need a 5* hotel since I want to experience the city, not CNN International.
As far as food goes, I may be different since I love to eat, but one of the joys of travelling for me is eating foreign foods. I can still remember the first time I had a piece of mangosteen in thailand or paella and sangria in marbella (now of course there are plenty of basterdized versions all over the states). In fact, when I am thinking about where to visit, the first thing I think about is what can I eat there! Of course, I may have a problem.

I guess when I book my Aman resort I will have to find one that is close to a local village so I can enjoy the service and atmosphere of the resort and local food. Along those lines, any suggestions?
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