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Originally Posted by yycworldtraveler View Post
My partner and I too. We stay in very nice hotels, but will not buy $15 beer and $25 cocktails from them...especially in Asia.
A good point indeed. I do think it's probably fair to say, though, that in a few of the 'middle of nowhere' Amans (Amanbagh and Amanjiwo, say - both of which are in rural areas and a fair distance from other dining and drinking options, if I remember rightly) it might be a little tricky to find alternative places to eat. Amanpuri, Amandari and such are, obviously much better positioned for this.

(Obviously, there are ways round the remoteness of some resorts. And I shall certainly remember the Krug-bringing idea from an earlier post - the best of plans, I think.)

I do find it interesting (conscious of wandering off-topic here...) how different people have very different triggers for the 'no, that's daft, I couldn't justify paying that' moment. Some would baulk at the $700 hotel room - some at the heavily marked-up wine - others at the three-thousand-pound airline ticket - others at the wallet-draining spa treatment; most at one of those - but few at all of those.
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