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Originally Posted by limelight View Post
but I doubt many people would spend $700 or so for a room, and then try to get by on $50 a day for all other expenses. Or is that just me being bemused?
We may be the only ones here but that's exactly how we do it. I like to pay for intangibles (amazing location/service/experiences), not $35 (per person!!) for breakfast or $15 for some cocktail I can easily mix myself. At Amandari for example we had a couple of bottles of splendid Brunello with us and a bottle of Krug (not even available from the resort, of course) and had the most amazing local food (far better than in the resort) within a few minutes from the resort. Even if I could afford it (and I can't really), I would still do it this way.

I think your estimation of adding 50% to the room price would be fair if you went all out. On a 4 night stay that means I have a choice of either having the expensive food or staying an extra two nights. Considering we do have a budget, I'd always opt for the latter.

Different strokes for different folks.

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