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Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
F&B and spa menus dont have prices on them?
If I remember rightly, they certainly do. Regarding prices - they're well below what I'd expect to pay at a top-end big-city hotel in Europe or the US, though still considerably above most other 5* properties in their markets. At Amanjiwo, for instance, a la carte breakfast went for about $35 per person; not quite the Gritti's 50 euro/person pricetag in Venice.

Now a week's worth of meals, spa treatments and excursions for a family of four, say, might mount up considerably - but I doubt many people would spend $700 or so for a room, and then try to get by on $50 a day for all other expenses. Or is that just me being bemused? I imagine adding 50% to the room rate might be a good rule of thumb for a party of two, to calculate the daily cost of three meals, drinks, plus whatever excursions, spa treatments and the like might appeal.
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