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Advanced Search Functionality: Specific Threads

You may want to search more specifically for information on a thread posted on FlyerTalk using advanced criteria.

To access the Search Threads area to execute an advanced search for information:
  1. Begin your search by accessing searching within a specific thread on FlyerTalk. As a result, the Search this Thread box will appear.
  2. Click on the words Advanced Search at the bottom of the box.
The Search Thread area will appear.

Options that are available to you in the Search Thread area include:

Search by Key Word — enter one or more key words to customize how you want to search for information on FlyerTalk.

Search by User Name — enter the user name of a FlyerTalk member to search for what that FlyerTalk member has posted.

Exact Name — Click on this box to activate it with a check mark if you want to search for what has been posted in all threads by the specific user name of a FlyerTalk member — for example, Canarsie. You need not worry about the capitalization of the user name of a FlyerTalk member in order to use the Exact Name option. However, you may de-activate the Exact Name function to search for what has been posted by similar user names of FlyerTalk members. For example, typing in “canar” may yield the results of FlyerTalk members canard, canarde, Canarsie, canardo and jcanary, but only if any of these FlyerTalk members had posted in the thread in which you are searching. No wildcard or asterisk is necessary.


Find Posts From displays only what has been posted to FlyerTalk within a certain selected period of time using one of the following choices:
  • Any Date, which is the default used for FlyerTalk.
  • Your Last Visit searches only for what has been posted since the last time you logged onto FlyerTalk.
  • Yesterday
  • A Week Ago
  • 2 Weeks Ago
  • A Month Ago
  • 3 Months Ago
  • 6 Months Ago
  • A Year Ago
The *** is determined by And Newer and And Older.****

After choosing the desired settings in how the search should be performed, one must click on the Search Now button in order to activate the results.

The Reset Fields button resets everything in the Search Forums area back to its default settings.

To save your own settings, Save Search Preferences ****

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