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The Wildcard Search: Asterisk You Take...

...if you attempt to search for something that may be too limiting.

Letís say you are searching for Hotel.

All of your results will be with the word Hotel.

However, if you also want to include such words as Hotels or Hotelier, use the asterisk:


...and your results will be everything that begins with the five letters h-o-t-e-l.

The asterisk is used for a method of search known as a wildcard.


The vBulletin bulletin board software does allow wildcard searches. At the vBulletin forums, I have used an asterisk (*) at the end of the word or phrase for which I am searching.


I have searched for the words Dorito and Dorito* on FlyerTalk (for some reason, FlyerTalk members have an unexplained penchant for Doritos), and Dorito* gave me more results from my search than Dorito, so one can use a wildcard (using an asterisk) whenever performing a search.

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