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Originally Posted by cpsri99 View Post
I thought I heard that LH was constructing a new FCT in Munich like the one in FRA. I can't seem to find any information on when this will open. Anyone heard about it?
As I've written in the thread "LH's Lounge Paradise" there will be no FCT in MUC. LH is creating a ca. 800 sqm FCL right now which will open at the end of August. The entrance will be far left at the MUC Terminal 2-security checks just for F-pax or HONs. The lounge will spread across two floors (Schengen and non Schengen), will include all security- and passport- procudures like the FRA FCT. And the driver will pick you up directely in the FCL if the aircraft is on the apron. The MUC FCL will offer you bath and shower facilities like the FRA FCT and FCL. The only thing which is open at the moment is the catering. LH made a casting a couple of weeks ago. Now they have to decide if the winner is Do&Co or LSG. I've heard that Ritz Carlton made an offer too. I personally would prefer LSG because the staff is really great ... much better than the FRA staff.
IMO in FRA the service quality has decreased since the opening in Nov 2004. When I've started my HON career at that time and I visited the FRA FCT the staff has tried to read your wishes from your eyes. Last time when I've been there and sat at the dining-table I asked for some noodles, the DO&Co girl told me: "We have a buffet. You can serve yourself Sir." This has happend twice during the last weeks. So I'm wondering ....
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