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Originally Posted by vla View Post
Non-Mucci, but would still like to pay homage to Madame Galore as I eat my lunchtime sandwich...

I got completely put off the HEX because of the price (may have something to do with all things Netherlandish rubbing off on me...) and the fact that when I lived in East Anglia, it was 45 min to Kings X and 60 min on the Piccadilly line, and I didn't really save any time with HEX, plus a hassle with stairs at Paddington, etc. The tube is a pretty awful ride though, admittedly, particularly in summer and with bags. I have taken cabs, driven myself, taken the Airbus and gotten lifts from friends but basically I take the tube.

GEX or First Capital Connect (ie. Thameslink) is handy and the only real way to go, really. (note to terpfan101 -- trust me, I've gone from LON to AMS every possible way but swimming)

DLR extension to City Airport is ace though and the VLM service is really very good. ^

In AMS I walk 2 minutes to the tram, am at the central station in 7 minutes, train takes 15 minutes, and usually I'm in the boring Terraces with my cup-a-soup within an hour of leaving my front door.

Non Mucci?

Not any more. Arise Sir Vla!
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