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Originally Posted by Dave_C
I was in the US a couple of months ago, and I saw that Honda do a hybrid Civic now - have they made them over here yet? Might be a better alternative to a Prius?
There are quite a number of hybrids out over here at the moment, most people seem to be enjoying the Japanese ones though I think Ford have them too in some of their small SUVs. I'm not sure how many have made the transition from the land of $2.10/gallon to 99p/litre though....

Originally Posted by Dave-C
As regards buying a car on Amex, I think Fraser did it a while back? I think you may have to go into a dealer and negotiate.
Indeed I did. Although it wasn't as a result of the good advice from the linked thread. My only data point is with an Audi dealer in RCOB in March '05, managed to negotiate their maximum allowed on credit cards of 1000 up to 10,000.
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