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My TA is still giving me grief with the ticketing of this trip, and I am not full bottle with some of the changes.

I begin my DONE4 in MEL....and do my USA and ASIA bit. I return to MEL on 14 August, and on 22 September do a MEL-PER-ADL. PER turnaround to ADL is 10 hours. I buy a cheap QF ADL-MEL to get home. I then wish to complete a MEL-CNS-MEL in late July 07(with a 5 night stay in CNS). This uses my 4 SWP segments, but I fear the stopovers now count three.

Return to MEL from ASIA =1
ADL = 2
CNS = 3

Am i interpreting this correctly?

The TA also says they can only book tickets 11 month in advance, yet the rules allow for 12 months to complete the trip. I wish to take the CNS trip in July 07.

As a note, the MEL-PER-ADL is purely a status run, to maintain partner gold.
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