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Delta double miles promotion screw-up

The story so far:

In early May we each (two golds) received the postcard advertising "celebrate 20 years of frequent flyer rewards" with "double miles on every flight... these miles count toward Medallion status."

"Call 888-558-3358 and enter code 1050."

We did. Confirmation was verbal.

Took flights SDF-CVG-DFW-SAN-CVG-SDF on 16 May-22 May.

Well, we're told to wait two weeks. Two weeks. No posting.

So we call SMS. Now, one of the problems with Delta SMS is that they don't know anything about SkyMiles & have to consult the "experts".

We get a really nice lady from New England. She puts us on hold for a looooooong time.
Finally she comes back and says we have to reregister. They have no record that we have registered. This is no problem. The promotion is retroactive she says. It will take up to three weeks to register our bonus, but we say "no problem"; we're not in a hurry, just want our miles.

So, we call back to the 888 number. Enter SkyMiles number & promotion code. "You have already registered for this promotion" the computer says. Ergo, no reregistering.

Catch 22? Stay tuned. We're still on hold on the second call.

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