Delta double miles promotion screw-up

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Delta double miles promotion screw-up

The story so far:

In early May we each (two golds) received the postcard advertising "celebrate 20 years of frequent flyer rewards" with "double miles on every flight... these miles count toward Medallion status."

"Call 888-558-3358 and enter code 1050."

We did. Confirmation was verbal.

Took flights SDF-CVG-DFW-SAN-CVG-SDF on 16 May-22 May.

Well, we're told to wait two weeks. Two weeks. No posting.

So we call SMS. Now, one of the problems with Delta SMS is that they don't know anything about SkyMiles & have to consult the "experts".

We get a really nice lady from New England. She puts us on hold for a looooooong time.
Finally she comes back and says we have to reregister. They have no record that we have registered. This is no problem. The promotion is retroactive she says. It will take up to three weeks to register our bonus, but we say "no problem"; we're not in a hurry, just want our miles.

So, we call back to the 888 number. Enter SkyMiles number & promotion code. "You have already registered for this promotion" the computer says. Ergo, no reregistering.

Catch 22? Stay tuned. We're still on hold on the second call.

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The agent on the second call seems more knowledgeable. First thing said is that no one has yet received the bonus miles, & they're not yet sure when they will post.

She's checking with SkyMiles to see if they have an estimate. Otherwise, she says not to worry; if the computer says we're already registered, we are, & that's cool. And she is VERY sympathetic that we're keen to know about our miles....

She says everything looks fine, but the coordinator says to call back tomorrow between 9AM & 5PM to make sure. Just tell them that we called tonight & were told to call back tomorrow to make sure we're really registered.

Sometimes methinks Delta brags too much about their advanced computer systems....

[edited to add:]
(I notice on the previous thread about this that some folks got an e-mail saying bonus miles would post six to eight weeks after the flights are taken. We cannot find any record of having received this e-mail. Guess I should read ALL the threads more carefully....)

"Service" should be a noun, not a verb.

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For some reason it's very difficult (well, at least not easy) for Delta to tell you if you've been registed for a particular promotion. Half the time, they don't even know what you are talking about:

self: "I have a question about a specific Skymiles promotion."
Agent1: ...(after some time) "I can't seem to find anything on that."
self: "It's called the International travel bonus."
Agent1: "Oh, let me transfer you to our international travel department, please hold on."

Agent2: "How can I help you?"
self: "I have a question about a Skymiles promotion that's listed on your webpage."
Agent2: "Oh, it's a web issue, let me transfer you to our web support department..."

Agent3: "Web support."
self: "I have a question about a Skymiles promotion listed on your website."
Agent3: "Let me transfer you to the Skymiles desk, hold on."


I don't think Delta really understands how important being able to confirm what bonuses you are qualified for is.

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This has been hashed out quite a bit already. We have yet to find anyone that had problems with the automated system. Though with a few hundred thousand to millions of fliers doing these over the past few years, there must be some.

Delta indicated that it would take some time for them to post. It is not the same as your normal miles.

Check these postings:

this one has these links at the bottom:

Double BASE mile offer,
Posting of Medallion Double Miles - answer from Delta,
Double Miles Information - New Thread , and Double Miles - Other Airlines follow suit?
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Generally I have none of these problems with actual and promo miles posting to my AA account.

Frankly I kind of got tired of playing DL's game of "chasing earned miles" and I am happy with AA.

With AA, you simply register on line and they e mail you with a confirmation. So easy for AA, but oh so difficult for DL- I have always thought their hope is that you just "forget" or "give up".
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I just re-read the e-mail mentioned above.
It seems "6-8 weeks" window for the posting of bonus miles refers to the usual 1000 miles online booking bonus, and doesn't really specify when double base miles will be credited.

Below is the body of the e-mail:

Fly Delta and you'll receive double miles on every flight - and best of all, these miles count toward Medallion status. That means you'll earn 2002 Medallion status twice as fast.*

Simply call 1-888-558-3358 and enter code 1050 to register, and every flight you take between May 15, 2001, and July 15, 2001 will earn double miles. Remember to use your SkyMiles account number,.

Want to earn even more miles? Buy your tickets on and you'll earn 1,000 bonus miles for each round-trip ticket purchased.**



*This offer is applicable on all Delta-coded flights. You must register to qualify for double-base-miles promotion. This offer is nontransferable. Once registered, bonus miles will be credited on all flights taken between May 15, 2001 and July 15, 2001, and will appear on your SkyMiles statement. All standard Delta SkyMiles program rules and conditions apply.


**To earn online bonuses, tickets must be purchased on at time of reservation. Online bonus not available for tickets purchased by calling a Delta reservation center. Earn a SkyMiles bonus of 1,000 miles for a round trip ticket purchased online. This offer is valid only for tickets purchased through Delta's Web site. Bonus miles apply only to the traveling SkyMiles member. Mileage is awarded after travel is completed. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks after your travel date for Bonus miles to appear on your SkyMiles account summary. Online bonus offer is subject to change or withdrawal with 30 days advance notice. Any changes to the bonus offer will be posted on Web mileage bonus of 1,000 miles does not apply toward Medallion status.
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In my view, this may be the single most irritating thing about Delta. They offer these promotions by the hundreds, while having no capability of fulfilling them at the time they are offered -- if ever! They make you check a million times, re-register, speak to a dozen idiots who ask you to chase your tail, etc., etc.

I know that this sounds stupid (because I like miles as much as anyone), but Delta would actually provide BETTER customer service if they simply stopped offering these promotions. Don't offer something that you aren't prepared to deliver. It results in bad customer relationships and makes you look incompetent (which may be the truth -- at least in this narrow area)!

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I had almost the identical merry-go-round call experience w/DL last year.

SMS agents can't offer to transfer you to the international desk fast enough the moment you mention anything non-US related. I've had to stop them from transfering me with a "I just want to confirm that my flight is on time" or some other minor request that they're capable of handling.

I'm surprised they don't offer to transfer me when I mention that my destination is Hawaii..

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Called again this afternoon. Nice fellow said if the computer said we're already registered, we are, not to worry.

So I bop over to to check & see if any have posted, as some ffers are reporting that their miles are showing up.

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">We're sorry, but the system is currently unavailable. Please try again later, or call Delta's automated telephone system at 1-800-325-3999. (Outside the U.S., the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and Canada, call 404-714-2300.)</font>
Ah, well. Try again later, I suppose.

"Service" should be a noun, not a verb.

[edited to fix typo]

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Episode 3: a new tangent

LexPax still can't access his account on-line. But mine comes up just fine.

I DO have new base miles posted to my account - but wait! - they're wrong. Our trip was 4847 base miles - posted correctly. The new total shows 4587 new base miles have been credited. For the double bonus promotion, it should have been 4847, right? Why would it be 260 miles off?

Guess I'll call back between 9 and 5 tomorrow. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

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All I want from them is a copy of the "Membership Guide" for this year and no one has a clue who sends them out. I have always found Delta on the phone to be a pain and now that extends to their e-mail Customer Service as well. Good luck getting points if I cannot even get a Membership Guide.
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The complete membership guide is online at

It's just as robust as the one they mail you.
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Guess I am one of the lucky ones. My miles showed up last night - not a line item, simply an addition to my miles to date, year to date base miles, as well as to the million miler miles. I think maybe give them some time on this.
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I'm going to go out on a limb here.

All telephone based promotions are IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based. They essentially interface with legacy systems (read IBM mainframes/clones). All transactions are based on screen scraping programs. Many of these applications are non-transparent to end-users (read Frontline personnel)

So, give it time ;-)

[PS: In my shop we've used many of these IVRs and IWRs interfacing with many systems - It is non-trivial. Sometimes bugs crop up that were not anticipated]
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