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Originally Posted by choster
If I may rant about the inconvenient hours the National Capital Area Red Cross sets aside for accepting blood donations. It's kind of difficult to donate if you work late and the hours set aside for giving are 8am to 2pm or 2pm to 7pm on weekdays at the downtown center.
I share that rant with you ... before moving to the DC area, I gave every 8 weeks on the dot, accumulating a couple of gallons fairly quickly. Since moving here, due to their hours, I have donated only when the bloodmobile has been in my office's neighborhood, which means 2-3x a year instead of 6x

The DC center is a fairly long walk from the Metro IIRC, and the Arlington one has had awful issues arranging any kind of appointment for me

Here are a few other discussion items:

Would it make sense for the IRS to consider blood donations as deductible? The Red Cross, Inova, etc., aren't ever going to pay donors due to the abuses you'd see (and the sorts of high-risk donors you'd attract), but the IRS would allow a max of 6 donations a year to be deducted. Wouldn't that be a fair incentive for more people to donate? I guess it might still incentivate people to lie so they can continue to donate, though.

Why did they go from the "fill it out yourself" questionnaire to the "nurse asks you the questions" version? It takes twice as long as before that way, and it's not like the nurse reading them actually makes you pay that much more attention to the questions.
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