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Originally Posted by Braniff
I think there are two considerations here:

First, France has gone on its highest state of terror alert (vigipirate rouge). This has been used at Terminal I (i.e. not the one Air France uses) to strictly enforce the one carry-on limit. This is not the individual airlines but rather the airport security that does this. I haven't travelled through Terminal II, under these circumstances but it must be similar... This, however, only applies to the number of pieces, they do not weigh them.

Second, in my experience what matters more than any airline policy is simply the nature of the gate agent that you are fortunate or unfortunate enough to be dealing with...

Good luck !
AirFrance official info still says:

A few tips

For your comfort and security, only carry one piece of baggage into the cabin.
Do not travel with dangerous objects (firearms, knives, scissors, razor blades, etc.); they will be confiscated during security checks. Air France does not assume any responsibility for the loss or theft of such objects.
The size and weight limitations described below apply to all service classes of Air France and its SkyTeam partners.

Carry-on baggage limitations

Quantity: 1 baggage + 1 accessory (e.g. handbag, laptop computer, or camera).
Total weight: 26.4 lbs (12 kg) maximum
Dimensions: 45.2 in. (115 cm) length + width + height = 45.2 in. (115 cm). These dimensions include wheels and handles.

and as Jouy31 said, there is extra allowance to AF Elites.
and KLM Elites, too (off course !!! )
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