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Originally Posted by smileymike13
Taking a trip this summer to Cancun, but wanted to spend a couple of nights in Cozumel also(as long as I there ya know). Has anyone ever traveled (by plane,boat,etc) between the two. TIA
I took the "Ruta 1" city bus from the Hotel zone to the bus station (6 pesos, 60 cents; the bus station is on the left side of the street, across from a big grocery store...don't recall the name. It's cream colored with an orange pelican logo) then a bus from CUN to PDC. Buses leave every 10 minutes, cost 32 pesos (less than three bucks), and take an hour, which is about the same as when we drove it. They are A/C and have movies and airline-style seats. Then, take one of the hourly ferries from the PDC docks to CZM. The ferry dock is easy to find from the bus station and is about 2 blocks away. Cost me 180 pesos, about $18 bucks for the roundtrip and the trip took about 35 minutes. Ferries run hourly from about 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM but may skip hours during low season--ask at the ticket booth

I was in CZM to scuba dive, and did all the above lugging equipment. Agree with one of the other posters that, except SCUBA, there's nothing much in CZM. There were 4 cruise ships in port, and when the cruisers descend, the prices go WAAAY up.

I'd recommend Akumal as a really Margaritaville sort of a town. Don't know what you're looking to do....PM me and I'll be happy to give you ideas.
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