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Originally Posted by civicmon
yeah it really does suck.

the best (or worst) part is that it gets routed on the return through DTT for extra mileage. Sucky if I can't accrue it. I'll try callin NW later when I have a chance.

Fare is $735, lowest fare on is close to $1000

edit: found the fare using an e-cert for $863 but it's from LAX Think i'll just go for that anyways, it's a more direct flight, no 6 hr stop in DTW either. My brother lives near LAX so he'll watch my car for me.... makes sense to get the miles for the extra 130. Let's cross our fingers for a fare reduction so I can get an adjustment.
This has been discussed before. I'd do a search on it. Best I can remember, you did get full miles.
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