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Originally Posted by Smiley90 View Post
But either way, it's up to each individual to decide where they think they'll be safer and what they're looking for in a vacation. I'm merely describing the situation in the state I live in to give the person who asked an idea of what it's like as far as their COVID-safety is concerned. This thread has a lot of minds I won't change and that wasn't the goal.
Since vaccinations against COVID-19 got EUA in the US, Covid-19 deaths per capita are much worse in Florida than in more population dense New York and Massachusetts; and thatís even as a slightly higher proportion of persons in Florida got vaccine access sooner than people in those two more dense states since Florida has a somewhat older population. But as being outside is less risky than being indoors, Florida may work out differently for infection risk; but even tourists in Florida in January often spend time indoors to eat, shop and more.
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