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Originally Posted by dadio77 View Post
Hi, apologies if this is not the correct forum, but after a really hard 12 months (like a lot of people, I'm sure) I am looking to travel to the US from the UK for a few weeks in April with my wife and 8yo, taking in a couple of states (FL, TX) via internal flights and car hire and a first visit to DisneyWorld.

We are fully vaccinated, not bothered by mask wearing, and holidayed in Dubai last August so have travelled internationally during the pandemic. It's still early days Omicron-wise and I know all countries are dealing with the latest variant at different speeds etc., but I guess my simple(ish) question is, are others taking on the touristy approach to travel in the US now, or am I crazy even considering it given the record cases etc.?
To give you a slightly different view than "nobody cares about COVID anymore" - even in what some posters might call a liberal hellhole (Massachusetts), everything is open. If you're worried about Omicron (and even if vaccinated, it's perfectly reasonable to be worried about it, both because of risk to oneself not just of death but also Long COVID), you might be better off visiting a state that is taking the threat seriously like NYC or Boston or California. Indoors, mask wearing is often mandated and nearly everyone is following the medical advice and rules so you can feel as safe as can be. It is obviously colder in the northeast than in southern states right now, so it's all about what you're looking for. If you're worried about COVID, I'd recommend California over Texas or Florida for warmer destinations.

The last thing you have to consider - if you test positive IN the US, can you quarantine and delay your return by up to two weeks (best case scenario of not getting sick)? That will likely also play a factor in determing where you'd like to go.

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