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Originally Posted by dvs7310 View Post
As it turns out, if you use the First/Emerald check in suite, they seem to have some tolerance in your luggage allowance, at least if it's close. Or maybe my wife inherits my same luggage allowance if on the same reservation like I used to get on UA... not sure. But as far as I understand, our allowance would be 40kg for me and 20kg for her for a total of 60kg. Going there we were pretty close, but would have been slightly under, but coming back from Okinawa we were around 65kg between the 3 bags and they didn't bat an eye.

Neither direction would have fit if they assigned it at 40kg for me and 20kg (separately) for her, as they weren't balanced that way, I remember coming back it was 32.1kg+15kg for mine, and about to 17kg for hers. So my best guess is that they add the allowance for everyone on your reservation and use it as a total. I also noted that they didn't say anything about that extra 0.1kg in the diving bag coming back, though I could have easily moved one weight from it to my carry on to bring it under 32kg if they said something.
For most legacy carriers on weight concept, you can pool the total weight.
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